Thursday, March 12, 2015

Neglected Dress and Cantaloupe Baby

Oh hey, a neglected dress!  It's been quite awhile since this one made an appearance.  I think it was lost in the ironing pile for a few months.  It needed to be rescued!  

And it's been a few weeks since I compared my child to produce, so I know you are all dying  for an update.  I have 2 apps, one says cantaloupe, the other says jicama.  Since I know what a cantaloupe is, we're sticking with that option.  

Whenever I think of cantaloupe, my mind immediately goes to an episode of Saved by the Bell, when Screech is going to get married, and Mr. Belding says "Screech, you can't elope!" and Screech replies "Who are you calling a cantaloupe!?"  Just think about how many important things I have forgotten, and yet that stays.  

And in the interest of being honest, here's a side view.  It's crazy how from the front view, I don't think I look pregnant at all in this outfit, but then I turn to the side and BAM! - giant cantaloupe baby!  

Cardigan: H&M
Dress: Old Navy
Belt: Madden
Tights; H&M Maternity
Boots: Madden


  1. This can't be right. Cantaloupes are round, and so far every other update has been a rectangular. But seriously, that's a great line from SBTB. Sometimes when I remember really weird things (or, like, every line from Titanic) I wonder what could be in that storage space. Oh maybe some American history? Some memories from my own life? Nah. Useless stuff it is!

  2. Haha! Love that Screech quote! I seem to retain quite a bit of useless information as well (like pretty much every line from The Grinch). Whenever I get pregnant, I think I will have way too much fun with the produce comparisons. I imagine posing with everything from grapes up to watermelons...

  3. Are you saying that Saved by the Bell quotes aren't important? Hmm I'm going to have to reassess some things haha. This dress is an optical illusion or something, because you're right, you wouldn't even know you were pregnant from the front!

  4. This is a fun pattern combo! Those fruit/vegetable baby apps are so funny. Do you sometimes feel like the size of the fruit is out of order? You are so right, from the front you can't tell so much, but from the side you can totally see your cute bump! I can't wait until the little one makes it on your blog!!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  5. That bump, though. ADORABLE. Cutest little cantaloupe everrr!