Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Mix

Everyone thinks of floral print in the spring, right?  And stripes just seem to go so perfectly with florals, right?  I was planning on wearing my coral boyfriend cardigan with this outfit, but apparently I got rid of it (or lost it??), so the pink one was an emergency substitution, as I was running late (pretty typical) and didn't have time to think of anything else to wear.  I was also planning on wearing my navy shoes, but they are feeling a little tight lately (thanks swollen feet!), so the gold flats sitting by the door seemed like a decent option, and I snagged my gold chain necklace to make them match better.

I felt pretty great in this outfit, and specifically very "great with child," because this tank top is a very fitted maternity style.

Weekend update?  Well, it the weather was about as perfect as possible, so John and I got takeout on Friday night and found a park bench next to a duck pond.  Pretty good date.  Saturday was spent getting the baby room mostly in order.  I just have to do a few more little projects, but all the big furniture is arranged.  Sunday, I was exhausted (this is becoming a trend), so I was kind of a bum between church services and got just a few things done.  Late pregnancy and rheumatoid arthritis are not a great combination for efficiency.

Cardigan: Gap
Necklace: F21
Tank: Old Navy Maternity
Skirt; Macy's
Shoes: Target


  1. This outfit is perfection! I totally wish I had a floral skirt so I could pair it with my striped top now! Basically I just want your whole outfit!

  2. Love the stripes and floral together. You look great!

  3. Stripes and florals are some of my favorite patterns to mix, and I love how springy the cardigan makes it all. Perfect. You look great!

  4. From what I've heard, pregnancy is the one time that you can get away with anything and everything. I also believe that there are little elves that steal our clothes. I can't tell you how many clothes have gone missing over the years. Maybe a little elf took your cardigan?

    1. by "getting away with everything", I was referring to inefficiency.

  5. I really wish your RA weren't acting up on you :( I totally feel you, but that doesn't really make either one of us feel better. Also, I am not much of a pattern mixer, but you accomplished it like a boss here. It's THE floral skirt! See, it's so perfect it's even lasting you through pregnancy! Way to go, skirt.

  6. I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling so tired, but it will be over soon and you'll have earned the best reward EVER! I think all the little last minute switches with this outfit worked out perfectly!

  7. Lovely colors and pattern mixing. And I enjoyed the sneak peek from baby's room. Keep them coming, girl.

  8. I absolutely love this outfit on you, Andi! You look so cute and happy in it! I still just adore that skirt of yours, and it's so fun to see your baby belly :)