Saturday, June 27, 2015

Accidental Matchers

Mornings have been tricky, because our child is a night owl like me, and then sleeps later in the mornings.  So we hadn't been to morning church in a few weeks.  We finally made it last week, and I accidentally wore a combination of what my two favorite guys were wearing.  In our defense, I was getting dressed while John was getting himself and the baby dressed, so I didn't realize we kind of matched until we were heading out the door, and it was too late to change.  

Church went pretty well.  Baby Smith slept for the beginning of the service and then woke up about halfway through the sermon, so we ducked out.  Then he fell asleep again for Sunday School.  

He's not really into outfit pictures!

Cardigan: JCF 
Dress: banana republic factory
Belt: gap
Sandals: target


  1. He adorable, Love that you all matched.

  2. When my husband and I are going out, I'll yell at him from other room asking what colors he' wearing. I think you all pull it off and it's not like you're all in the exact same colors or prints. Can we refer to baby Smith as kumquat? Or do you have a nickname you like to call him?

  3. I looove the way you're looking at your son in that last picture - so much love!! Also...I still adore that dress. You always look so amazing in it!