Monday, June 29, 2015

June Shopping (or lack thereof)

It's the end of the month which means it's time to link up with the budgeting bloggers!  Only I haven't bought anything this month.  So I figured I would link up anyway and talk about my current wardrobe and shopping situation (hopefully that's legal).  And since I don't have any pictures of recent purchases, here are a few recent outfits I wore but didn't get real pictures of.  I have yet to perfect the outfit selfie, but you get the idea.

Late last summer, I was itching to do a major closet clean out.  I'm not ever going to be a minimalist, but I was just tired of having so many items that I rarely wore and wanted to pare down a bit.  I was really busy for a few weekends and hadn't gotten around to it.  Then I got the happy news that I was pregnant!  Since then, I've felt like I shouldn't get rid of anything because I have no idea what size or shape I will end up with and what kinds of things I will want to wear as a stay at home mom.  

For example, I would have gotten rid of several "nice" tees last summer because I rarely wore them.  But in the last month, I have worn them a lot!  Glad I hadn't donated them all!

On the other end of the spectrum, I've been looking for replacement nude pumps for 2 years at least.  I saw a perfect option at DSW last week, but then realized I probably don't need them anymore.    

So I'm not officially on a shopping break, but I think it will probably be a few months before I do any major shopping or closet cleaning.  It's not like I have a ton of free time to shop or organize, but even if I did, I think it's wise to let myself settle into my new life situation before adding or removing very much.  

For now, I'm trying to reassess my wardrobe and figure out what it should be.  I only need to dress nice one or two days a week, but I still like to wear something interesting when I am running errands or whatever.  So far, I've realized that I need more casual tank tops in solid colors..  I also need to figure out a comfortable shoe option that isn't tennis shoes.  Anyway, it will be a work in progress, but I figured it was worth writing a novel about, because if I can't share ridiculous thoughts about post-baby style on my blog, then what's even the point of having it?


  1. congrats on not shopping this month.

  2. It was a great idea to keep things just in case, especially in this case! When your life situation is changing you don't really know what you will need until you need it! That said, way to go for not shopping this month while you are still figuring it all out. I don't think I would have been able to do that!

  3. If you discover the comfortable shoe option that's not a tennis shoe, let me know. I spent maybe a month looking for a non-tennis shoe that I could do miles and miles of walking in day after day (for vacation). I finally gave up and took my Nikes. Congrats on a good month! It will make your rewind so easy next year ;)

  4. That would be my issue if I ever got pregnant. I can't stand it when things are just around not getting worn. Like now that I wear scrubs at my office, I want to keep very little in my closet and I know that's a bad idea because I do still get dressed and like a variety. I did cull my closet big time this month, but I probably still could've gotten rid of more stuff. On the other side of that coin, there are things I got rid of that I probably shouldn't have. Oh well.

  5. Maybe instead of getting a pair of nude pumps you could get a pair of nude flats to wear instead of the tennis shoes? Just an idea. I can imagine trying to shop with a new munchkin is probably easier said than done. Love the sandals in the picture up top!

  6. I really like reading your reflection here, Andi. I didn't do any shopping in June, either - I was too busy moving and painting and nannying, haha. I am starting to feel incredibly "blah" about my closet right now, too, and I feel like I just want to throw everything out and start over. Ugh. Oh well. I can't wait to hear how you adjust your style for your new lifestyle! I'm wondering if you'd ever try TOMS. They're super comfortable and they have a ton of different styles that might work for you!