Friday, June 5, 2015

Mom Style

I've been a mom for almost 4 weeks now!  Man, it goes by quickly.  So, this is what I look like as a mom.  Or actually, I usually look like this:

Things are going pretty well, I think.  John was off work for 2 weeks, and those were my favorite days, just being the three of us.  Then my parents came to meet baby, and my mom was able to stay for about a week.  Then my sister showed up, and she is here now for a few days.  And of course, my in-laws are in town, so we've seen them a decent amount.  Everyone agrees - this kid is pretty great!  I'm fairly obsessed with him, at least.

Cardigan: Old Navy
Tee: Loft
Shorts: Loft Maternity (let's be real, maternity shorts are going to be my favorite for awhile still)
Shoes: Sperry


  1. You look great as a mom :) And has it really been four weeks already?! My how time flies. I'm still loving that elephant top, by the way!

  2. glad things are doing well! your elephant top is so perfect for you right now, it's like dad elephant, mom elephant, and baby elephant!

  3. Happy belated one month being a mommy anniversary! I love this tee on you! Yay for getting it! And Heidi is right- it's perfect, especially with the dad/mom/baby elephant pattern!