Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Budget Rewind - June 2013

June 2013 was a kind of random shopping month, but in hindsight, not terrible.

  • Target Black Flats: $9 - worn 25 times on the blog and who knows how many other times.  These are a wardrobe staple, which I would have paid quite a bit more for, but $9 just makes them even better!
  • Target Printed Dress:  $8 worn 6 times on the blog, and several unblogged times.  It's been an easy dress to throw on and go.  
  • F21 Elephant Necklace: $3 - I wore this a lot, but it's really cheap and the silver coating has started to wear off, so I should either paint it or toss it.  
  • F21 Giraffe Necklace: $3 - I haven't worn this as much as the elephant, so it is holding up better.  I still really love it.
  • F21 Ribbon Ring: $3 - same story as the elephant necklace.  
  • Loft Pleated skirt: $0 ($13 -used a gift card) - 12 blog appearances and it fit throughout pregnancy which was a nice bonus.  
  • Loft Floral shorts: $18 - I love these shorts so much and wore them a ton!  They don't currently fit, but I hope I can get back into them soon!

  • JCF White shorts: $24 - I wanted white shorts so bad that I bought these and convinced myself they were good enough.  They fit nicely, but were a little dressier than I wanted and a very thin fabric.  I found a better option at Gap exactly a year later and sold these ones.  
  • Loft Striped Sweater: $0 ($12 - used a gift card) - summer sweater...  I don't know.  I'm usually more inclined to wear a tank and cardigan since it's hot outside and cool inside.  I do like this sweater and will try to wear it more this summer.
  • Loft Yellow dot skirt: $15 - I completely fell in love with this skirt, but didn't buy it because it didn't seem very remixable.  But then I thought about it all the next day and went back for it.  I was right to leave it behind, because I didn't have many ideas for how to wear it, and it was a little short for me.  But it was so pretty!

  • F21 Bow Ring: $3 - it never fit, even though it was the same size asthe other F21 ring.  Oh well! Just $3 wasted.  

  • Tankini Top: in my ongoing quest to find a swimsuit, this one didn't work all.  (Dear Swimsuit makers, please make a tankini, with underwire support for larger cup sizes that also has a high neckline.  Some of us want to cover our tummies and our cleavage.  Love, Andi)


  1. Random but it all works! I recognize a lot of these pieces, so that definitely confirms a good month!

  2. That stinks the ring didn't fix.


  3. Those floral shorts are the BEST! Mine are a smidge too small right now, too (but I didn't just have a baby...I need to move my body more, haha), but I can't wait to wear them again!