Thursday, June 18, 2015

Third Thursday Denim Jacket

It's the Third Thursday, and Bri has once again picked a theme I can work with!  My denim jacket is a frequently worn item, but I haven't worn it at all in the last 6 weeks.  Partly because it's been warm outside, and partly because I think the buttons might be awkward when I'm trying to hold my baby.  I've been wearing things that are softer without much hardware.  

On Tuesday, I had a dentist appointment, which meant I was on my own for a little bit, and the dentist office tends to be chilly, so it was a good time for a jacket!  

This tank top is a new hand-me-down from my mother-in-law.  She bought it and then didn't like it because it "made her look like she'd just had a baby."  And I was like "well, hey, I did just have a baby, so I can look like that!"  It is a kind of awkward shape, but I love the stripes, and the high neckline is ideal right now.  I don't want to buy new stuff until my body sort of settles into whatever size/shape it's going to be after pregnancy, so I'm happy to have a new shirt to wear in the meantime!  
Jacket: JCF
Tank: Target
Shorts: Loft (maternity)
Sandals: Santana  


  1. cute casual outfit

  2. Gosh such a good point about buttons and the baby - good idea to stick away from too much hardware on your clothes - definitely not the right time for the spike trend :) Thanks for linking up, Andi!!

  3. Pretty much the point of a denim jacket for me - combating a/c! I don't mind too much though since I love wearing it so much. Love how it looks great with an outfit like yours with fun colored shorts but can also go so easily (and cute-ly!) with a dress or skirt.

  4. I remember holding my baby niece last summer while wearing a chambray shirt and she loved the buttons, even though they were just regular buttons. But hooray for a new top! Bonus points that it's a great length!

  5. I think this whole outfit is very flattering on you, especially the tank! I love the color combo. Bummed I missed this link-up, I am constantly wearing my jean jacket.

    ♥ perfectly Priya