Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Anniversary Date

Since I'm not on my computer as much, I started writing posts from the blogger app. The only problem is sometimes they don't save right, so I wrote this whole post and then it was gone.  So here's a short version:

I liked this outfit, but the skirt is too big and looks kind of goofy.  I need to find time to do some quick alterations on a few skirts, but it's hard to find time for normal stuff, much less sewing!

I wore this to go to Noodles&Co for our traditional anniversary date.  This year, John and I had a third wheel, but he is so cute that we don't mind.  

And we even took our annual selfie in front of the sign:

And when we got home, John took outfit pics for me and captured this gem:

We did go on a real date that weekend, and left the little mister with his grandparents.  But I didn't even think about taking outfit pics.  Since you are all dying to know, I wore my green shorts and polka dot popover.

Top: Gap Factory
Skirt: Gap
Sandals: Target


  1. Happy anniversary! So great that you got in a family outing and a date night outing - both important :) And I wish Blogger had a good app. I've tried it with similar poor results.

  2. Happy Anniversary! We just recently got a Noodles & Co and before that I'd only ever heard of it from your anniversary dates! The Tuscan Fresca bowl is my favorite.

  3. Happy anniversary, Andi! It sounds like you, John, and the little guy celebrated in style!! ;)