Friday, August 28, 2015

Budget Rewind - August 2014

August 2014 seems like a million years ago!  These are the last things I bought before finding out I was pregnant!  And the collage features some "close enough" options, which are actually cuter than the real versions I got.  

Gap factory black/white skirt and Gap factory orange/blue skirt: $13 each - I love these skirts and have worn them both quite a bit!
Loft outlet lace tee: $22 - this was a replacement for my H&M lace tee that I wore until it was basically ruined.  
Macy's floral skirt: $15 - another skirt that I love! Shoutout to Danielle who actually linked to this skirt in one of her posts, and I promptly purchased it. 
Gap factory white tank: $2 - I wear little tank tops under almost everything, so I'm happy when I can find them for a good price!  
Target gold flats: $8 - comfortable flats, and they are a fun alternative when I want something neutral but kind of sparkly.  
Target navy sandals: $8 - I wanted to buy these when I first saw them, but didn't want to pay full price, so I was super excited when I found them later in the summer on sale!  

Loft outlet maroon dress: $12 - I tend to avoid "fall" colors (like maroon, olive, mustard) because I just don't like them as much as brighter colors, but this maroon/Marsala/oxblood dress (whatever we are calling it this year) was cheap and comfortable and I thought it would fit in well with my closet.  I have worn it a fair amount and think I will continue to, but I probably wouldn't buy it again if I could go back.  I don't have as much fun styling it as I do with most dresses.
Gap factory gray/white striped tee: $3 - I need to stop with the cheap cotton tees from Gap and Old Navy.  I think we've established this time and time again.  I'm sure I've worn this more than 3 times, but it was just unneeded.

NY&Co striped pleated skirt: $15 - after the suit buying fiasco in May, I waited about 2 days too long to return the suit at NY&Co, so I was stuck with a gift card.  But I never shop there.  I bought this skirt and knew it was a mistake, but I was being stubborn (full story here) I guess it's cute, but I never would have bought it with real money.  I might try wearing it one more time and then see if I can sell it!  
Target mint flats: $5 - well, I haven't even worn these yet, so these were obviously not a great decision.  I do think I would have worn them in the spring if my feet weren't swollen, but I have no excuse for not wearing them yet this summer.  

So not great, but not terrible!  Then my shopping strategies changed quite a bit as of September, what with growing a human and all.  


  1. That floral skirt is my favorite!! Also, I didn't recognize the maroon dress at first, but you've gotten a lot of wear from it!

  2. :) That floral skirt. I am looking forward to wearing mine again. At this moment, however, I want nothing that could sit on my incision from the c-section. (I also have zero use for a skirt at the moment, haha.) I loooove that burgundy dress. I have one on my wishlist for this fall/winter. Of course, I waited too long to snag one from Old Navy, and it's all sold out now :(

  3. Oh my goodness, that maroon dress, the Gap skirts, and the floral skirt are all such great items that I'd definitely want as a part of my closet too! I can't believe you haven't worn those mint flats yet - crazy! They look pretty cute :)