Friday, August 14, 2015

Paisley Shorts Remix

One of my most exciting maternity purchases were 3 pairs of shorts from Loft, all for $4.88 each.  That's pretty awesome!  Anyway, it wasn't summer for very long while I was still pregnant, but immediately after giving birth, my regular shorts weren't about to fit.  And even once they did, the maternity waistband is just really ridiculously comfortable, so I just keep wearing these shorts.  

These linen paisley ones have been super fun to style, because they have lots of colors in them.  Here are 5 ways I have worn them:  
And here are a few other outfits that I either wore and didn't get pictures of, or plan to wear in the coming weeks.  

I'll probably need to retire these shorts for next summer.  3 months after giving birth seems okay to still wear maternity shorts.  A whole year might be a little weird.  Or maybe not.  Let's not make any final decisions just yet.  

Tank: Gap
Shorts: Loft Maternity
Sandals: Target


  1. These shorts are cute! You've done a great job remixing them. I really love the outfit with the striped top and pink cardigan too!

  2. I love when an item can be worn with so many items that you already have, especially when it's as cute as these shorts!Paisley is such a fun, classic pattern too. The pattern mixing with the striped shirt is probably one of my favorite looks, even though they're all very pretty.

    NCsquared Life

  3. Hey! Rock these shorts for as long as possible...they don't look maternity at all! I particularly like outfits 2 and 4. Can't wait to see more of these shorts :)

  4. I can't tell whether I like these shorts with navy or black more - they're both my favorite! But you really shouldn't feel like you have to retire these shorts - I don't think anyone would know they were maternity.

  5. Not gonna lie-- I bought maternity leggings on accident one time and didn't return them. The cotton elastic wide waist. Oh man talk about comfortable.

  6. I fully intend on wearing some of my maternity clothing after I give birth! I haven't bought anything from Loft's maternity section yet, but I keep meaning to check it out for some deals like this--less than $5 for shorts?! Amazing!

  7. These are so cute! No one would ever guess they're maternity. I vote to keep wearing them!

  8. Yep, these shorts are so much fun! I love the print - so much mix and match potential!! I absolutely love them with the black tee - they just pop!

  9. They are super cute and I wouldn't have known they were maternity, unless you told me! I love the print. I picked up a pair of shorts at Old Navy this Summer and have been wearing them whenever possible!

    ♥ perfectly Priya