Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August shopping

Another month is coming to an end, and a decent amount of shopping was done.  Unlike some people who have done the 30x30 challenge, I didn't promise not to shop for the month.  My collage is somewhat limited this month, because I did mostly outlet shopping, which isn't easy to find online, so most of the above items are close, but not exactly what I bought.  I'm sure I'll be posting outfits featuring these items very soon once the 30x30 is over!  

Gap factory black/white skirt: $13 (originally $45) (similar, similar)
Gap factory orange/blue skirt: $13 (originally $45)
Gap factory gray/white striped tee: $3 (originally $23) (similar)
Gap factory white tank: $2
Loft outlet maroon dress: $12 (originally $50) (similar)
Loft outlet lace tee: $22 (originally $35) (similar)
Macy's floral skirt: $15 (originally $65) (similar)
NY&Co striped pleated skirt: $15 (originally $70)
Target mint flats: $5 (originally $20) (similar)
Target gold flats: $8 (originally $17) (similar, similar)
Target navy sandals: $8 (originally $17) (similar)

Total: $116 (originally  $407)
Earned (selling consignment): $28.60
Total out of budget: $87.4

I feel pretty good about my purchases this month.  My skirt collection was starting to look a little shabby, so I'm getting rid of a few of my old favorites, and am happy with my pretty new options.  I was super excited when I found a replacement for my super favorite H&M lace tee that I've completely worn out. 

Otherwise, I added a couple pairs of cute flats to my shoe collection, because shopping at Target is always dangerous.  And I bought a maroon dress.  This is a big deal!  I don't think I've worn maroon since I was allowed to pick out my own clothes.  I've just never liked it.  And then it was so popular a couple years ago (all oxblood, all the time), so I wasn't into it.  But the dress was pretty, and $12, and I don't have anything like it, so it's worth a shot.  I'm sure I'll need help figuring out what colors go with it!

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  1. Lots of great finds this month! I love that striped pleated skirt and those gold flats. I have a maroon lace dress that I love but don't wear enough. In general though, I like to wear maroon with navy and/or cognac!

  2. If I had a LOFT outlet near me, I'd probably run out this second to see if I could find that dress. But that is awesome that you got the gold flats from Target on clearance. I actually bought the gold flats from Target, too! They were $5.08 at my store-- I don't know how you can pass that up!

  3. Thanks for sharing, the dress look gorgeous! x

  4. I can't wait to see you wear these on the blog! The skirts and that DRESS are beautiful!

  5. You find some awesome deals. looking forward to see how you style these items.

  6. I love that dress! I bet it's going to look gorgeous on you with your dark hair! You got some amazing deals this month!

  7. You seriously have such cute style and I LOVE that dress.

  8. What great finds! I love that dress! Beautiful and gorgeous color :)

  9. You know, I don't think I've worn maroon either! I don't know why... the dress looks amazing - I bet it looks awesome on you. And of course I love that Macy's floral skirt :)

  10. I just ordered a maroon dress from thredUP; we should style our maroon dresses together ;) It's one of my favorite colors to wear in the colder months; I particularly love it with blush. Makes me feel like a lady, which is a big accomplishment for someone who talks about poop as much as I do.

  11. That's the spot I had to arrive at this month. Though some of the items in my closet were/are favorites, it's time for them to go so that the new ones can get worn. I've actually bought replacements for worn out items, and I'm still wearing the old one. All of your skirt purchases are very cute. I can't wait to see you style them. I also picked up those target sandals. I feel like I should've gotten a few colors at $8 a piece!

  12. I LOVE maroon - it's one of the very few colors that I actually really like wearing :) I can't wait to see this dress on you - I bet it looks wonderful! I also really like the skirts you got this month. They look like they'll fit into your closet perfectly!