Thursday, August 28, 2014

#28 - Like+Love+Bling

I recently discovered a couple seasons of What Not To Wear on Netflix and have been watching them while I do things like fold laundry and iron.  I just love Stacey and Clinton - they are so snarky but still sweet.  It's just such a fun show!  I wish it was still on!  Are there any similar makeover shows still happening?

Stacey and Clinton tend to come up with little sayings to help the women know how to shop or how to put together an outfit.  One episode I recently watched included them saying "Pick and item you love, pair with an item you like, and then add bling!" For some reason, this really resonated with me.  I want to LOVE all my clothes, but honestly, I don't love things that are super plain.  So I need to make sure I have some neutrals that I really like to pair with my colorful printed items that I love.  I think this outfit is a good example.  I love the skirt (super a lot!).  I really like the sweater.  And then I added accessories.  Pay no attention to the crooked belt.  (I should really keep a full-length mirror in my car so I can make sure I'm put together before I take pictures.)

My main complaint with WNTW is that they straighten everyone's hair.  Come on, makeover stylists!  Curly hair can be pretty, too!!!

Sweater: Loft (similarsimilar)
Necklace: Limited (similar, similar)
Belt: Gap (similar)
Skirt: Macy's (exact)
Sandals: Target  (exactsimilar)



  1. I saw a "curly hair problems" saying once that says how every make-over in a movie or tv starts with a hair straightener. Not cool! I really like this love, like, bling idea. It totally worked here; I'll have to try it soon!

  2. That is great advice! I absolutely adore this outfit and I think it's true. It's hard to 'love' wardrobe basics, but they are necessary!

  3. I really like the like + love + bling rule - I'm going to have to try it out myself one of these days! I also agree with you about the whole straight hair thing! I love that I can keep my hair wavy and crazy now that it is growing out more, and I can't wait for it to be longer so I can let the curls happen! :) I actually know women who have beautiful curly hair that straighten it so they can curl it with a curling iron. Ummm, wha?!

  4. I love WNTW! I have my DVR set to record it anytime re-runs happen to air. I like watching a few episodes on lazy evenings or weekends while I'm cooking dinner. I really miss that show! I always liked their formula of color, pattern, texture, and shine.

  5. Did I ever tell you that I went through a phase where I really wanted curly hair? I would put sooo much mousse and hairspray in my hair trying to get it to curl, but it just wouldn't stick. Then one time my mom put my hair in curlers over night and it was like Shirley Temple. But worse. And so the phase ended.

    Also. Big Whoa. I think I just "like + love + bling"'ed it up today. Do you think a scarf can count as bling?

  6. You are SO right about the curly hair thing! On point. On point.

    Also, I just envisioned you lugging a full-length mirror out of your car to check yourself before taking pictures, and I laughed out loud. Could you imagine the looks people would give if they saw you with the mirror next to your car and then the camera aimed at you in your outfit? Ah, the things we'll do for blogging.

    And I'm so glad I linked to that skirt because you look GREAT in it. One of my colleagues told me to be the next Stacy; I can even think of the perfect male colleague to join me. But, let's be serious, who wants to see my face on television and how much sartorial advice can I really give?

  7. I so wish WNTW would come back on too! There is a few people I'd like to nominate... haha :)
    I love this concept of the like+love+bling, I may have to try it! This floral skirt has everything going for it in my book- it'navy, it has pretty flowers, and the length is perfect on you!
    And I agree about straightening curly hair. My hair is straight as a board, and I've always wanted curly hair! When I was little my mom used to get a perm and I would beg her to get one too. Luckily that never happened. hahah