Thursday, August 14, 2014

#14 - Navy Week - Throwback Navy

In the last few years, navy has become one of my favorite neutrals.  I used to wear a lot of black, but navy seems like the less goth/emo cousin, and still goes with everything.  So I've been drawn to it more and more. Prior to about 2012, I don't think I had anything navy in my wardrobe, except maybe a Cardinals t-shirt (this one).  

I blame my previous aversion to navy on my private school uniform.  I had to wear a navy jumper every day from 2nd-5th grade.  And then in middle school and high school, my options were either a khaki skirt or a navy skirt.  The high school navy option was plaid.  (and no, it wasn't a cute Catholic school uniform.  It was very unflattering, midi-length before midi-length was a thing).  But anyway, I dug through my photo albums and found this fantastic Throwback Thursday picture.

I would guess this is the first day of 4th grade.  I obviously hadn't gotten the hang of smiling like a normal person (am I trying to wink?  I don't even know what is happening).  I cropped my brother out, because I don't want him to hate me (not saying he looks bad - I don't think he had an awkward phase).  And I'm not sharing the first day of 5th grade picture that I found, because it's really really bad.  I'm not really sure why I had any friends that year, because I looked ridiculous.  I must have had a great personality or something.  Or I was very blessed with non-shallow classmates.

Judy Greer talks about this in her book.  When you go through a phase where you are super awkward looking, and then you think you are pretty much gorgeous once you start to look normal.  I mean, I might be average looking now, but I've improved exponentially since I was 10!

Anyway, what are we even talking about anymore?  Navy!  I used to have to wear navy, so I didn't like that.  Then after about 10 years of not having to wear navy, I started liking it again.  Great story, Andi!

Do you wear navy?  Link up with us below!!

Cardigan: Gap (similar)
Tee: J.Crew Factory (exact)
Skirt: J.Crew (exact)
Shoes: Old Navy (similar without captoe)


  1. I love your stories! Mint and navy together are so cute!

  2. That WAS a great story - I also totally went through a weird/awkward/bizarre phase.... not sure I've grown out of it yet, but at least I own it now, lol.
    I love love love your skirt in this outfit! It looks so flowy and light and comfy!
    I also just happened to post a navy-gingham shirt on my blog today - so linked up! It's funny because I never really thought of navy as a neutral (because I don't tend to wear neutral anything....) but it goes so well with, well, everything! Tea.

  3. Haha, I love this picture of you! That smile is awesome! And I actually think you helped me understand my relationship with navy... I only started to like it in the last year or so... I think it was because of school uniforms too! Apparently school uniforms scar us all?! Anyway, I'm glad you are embracing it - you look great!

  4. Haha I love this story! Great picture too. I went through an incredibly long awkward phase, and it was terrible. But I can't blame it on navy. I love navy!

  5. I know I was pretty fortunate to have friends that weren't shallow because from 2nd-6th-- who am I kidding 9th, I had no idea about my hair, clothes, make up etc. It just wasn't my thing. Make up and hair still aren't. This is adorable though. When y'all do plaid week I want to see the high school skirt. ;)

  6. Oh man, I have some pretty awful pictures from my childhood. Well, let's be honest, I was pretty awkward up through high school too. For the record, getting braces put on while simultaneously growing out your bangs is never a good idea--I would know.
    Anyway, I love this color combination!

  7. Lately I have been feeling the same way about navy. It's such a great neutral color to work with every color.


  8. oh gosh, i can't even stand to look at pictures of myself from any point in my life prior to the start of college. the glasses i chose, the pulled back, tight ponytails all. the. time. it kind of bums me out because that person in those pictures just doesn't even feel like me and i hate looking at them. ugh. then again, even though i think i look pretty presentable most days, maybe 10 years from now i'll still wonder why i chose the glasses frames that i did or why i wore my hair like i did. i guess it's nice that we can always transform ourselves!

  9. Oh my gosh, you are so stinking cute - then and now! I had some pretty effing awkward phases as well. I have scanned a ton of pictures but haven't done anything with them yet on my blog...that's to come once I have my life back, haha! :) I love the navy and aqua combo here, by the way. Too cute!

  10. SHOOT. I completely forgot to get/scan pictures of my awkward childhood photos when I was home. But your throwback picture is so adorable! And I really like the way your cardigan and skirt look together. Mint to be. haha.