Saturday, August 23, 2014

#23 - Meetiversary-ish

By my estimations, John and I met 10 years ago this week.  We don't actually remember meeting for the first time, so we don't know what day it was, but it was the first week of college in 2004.  And classes started on the 23rd, so it was probably right around here.  As a sentimental girl who likes an excuse to celebrate at any occasion, I really wish I remembered the day/moment when we met, but the first week of classes is such a blur, and we were meeting all the new people who lived in the dorms, so we just don't recall specifically meeting each other.  This was not love at first sight.

My first official memory of John is from the weekend before or after classes started.  I don't think I've shared this story before, but it's entirely possible.  It was Saturday night pretty late, and a bunch of people were just hanging out on the 4th floor where John lived (I lived on the 3rd floor).  A few of us were talking about what churches to go to the next day.  John didn't have a car, so he had plans to ride with his roommate to a church that I also wanted to try out.  I asked if I could go along, and they said sure.  Then they said they were going to the 8am service, so we needed to meet at about 7:30.  And I was like "nevermind! I'll go by myself to the later service!" and then John asked if he could ride with me, because he didn't really want to wake up so early.  His roommate said the late service started at 10:30, so we planned to meet at 10.  Another guy asked if he could come with us.  So, Sunday morning, I took 2 freshman boys with me to church.  Neither of them would say more than 2 words.  I was trying to be friendly and get to know them, and they were just super quiet.  It was so awkward.  Then we got to church, and the parking lot was packed, but there were no people milling around.  So we went to the information desk and apparently the next service didn't start until 11.  Which means we had 30 more minutes of awkwardness.

Anyway, we survived and ended up becoming really good friends.  We went to church together every Sunady (and I think we tried out every church in Lincoln over the next few years!)  In February of 2005, the 2 guys went with me to Lawrence, KS for a concert and met one of my best friends from middle and high school.  She asked me which of the guys I liked, and I was like "Oh, no - we are just friends!  No romantic interest at all!"  And then less than 2 years later, John and I were engaged, and she got to say "I told you so!"

So, that's the first story I remember about my husband.  I don't think they'll be making a movie about us any time soon, but I think we're pretty cool.   Do you remember the moment you met your spouse?

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  1. What a great story! And for some reason I didn't realize that we are the same age. Isn't it crazy that we started college 10 years ago!?!

  2. I only can remember because it was the first staff training session before the summer started. Crazy to think that was 6 years ago! (But I honestly don't remember having any interactions that day since I had a crush on someone else at the time. Definitely not love at first sight.) Happy meetiversary! :)

  3. I'm sort of the same way, Jim and I worked in the same school, though not closely, for a full school year before we had any kind of social interaction, and it wasn't love at first sight for us either!

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    1. Oops, after meeting Brian for the first time he shook my hands and said we should at least be friends. Weirdo.

  5. cute story. I remember the day I meet my husband.

  6. Cute! Matt and I were in the same math class sophomore year in high school. He made fun of me because I was young for the grade and didn't have my driver's license yet. Clearly it was love at first sight for him! ;)

  7. Aw, I love reading how couples met one another. Your story is a good one :)
    I remember the precise day I met my husband (November 21, 2009). Apparently he and I had been going to the campus gym at the same time every day for months, and he finally worked up the courage to introduce himself after three months. The rest is history, as they say.

  8. That's an awesome story Andi! The Hubs and I were friends for YEARS before we got together - I think that great friendships can turn into great marriages. I met the hubs at a young people's event through our church synod. I already knew his older brother, and he introduced us being sure to emphasize that the hubs was in fact my friends YOUNGER brother (he had a full beard already at age 16). We were friends from then on dating other people until University before we finally got together. Oh - and he was such a great friend that he was actually my high-school prom date - even though were weren't dating at the time. I don't think they're going to make a movie about us anytime soon either. But we know our stories are special none the less.
    PS - I love this casual outfit - my family thinks I'm crazy when I wear long sleeves with shorts, but I think it looks so cool. Love the sandals too. :)

  9. What a cute story! My hubby and I met on June 17, 2010 in my friend's kitchen, right after she asked me if I was seeing anybody and if I was keeping myself open! haha Pretty much our entire first conversation was about how I'd never been to the bars in downtown Minneapolis and how I should look him up on FB if I was interested in going out with him and his friends. Funny still, her parents introduced my parents to each other too!

  10. Hahaha, your story is pretty awesome :) I love that it's not one of those magical "love at first sight" stories - ours isn't like that either!

    The first time I remember ever talking with Kevin was when I was doing laundry in my residence hall during freshman year. Kevin came down to do his laundry while wearing these obnoxious smiley face pajama pants (he was an RA on the floor below me). He was ridiculously enthusiastic as he greeted me and put his laundry in an empty machine. I immediately pegged him as the super weird RA on the third floor. It wasn't until 2 years later that we became friends...all because I was madly in love with his best friend and kept trying to spend time with his friend, haha!