Saturday, August 9, 2014

#9 - Fashion Insects

I was super excited when I bought this shirt at Old Navy.  I'd been wanting a floral shirt like this for awhile, so when I saw this one for $5, I was sold.  But then I noticed a (probably lipstick) stain on it, so I asked if I could get an extra discount.  They wanted to give me 10% off, but then it wouldn't be returnable if the stain didn't come out.  10% off $5 isn't really anything, so I declined.  But then the stain came out with a little help from a bleach pen!  Hooray!

But then I was ironing it and noticed that in addition to the pretty flowers, there are insects all over this shirt.  And not just pretty butterflies.  There are beetles and bees and grasshoppers.  YUCK!  Why would you put bugs on a shirt?  After my initial horror, I decided the shirt is still pretty cute, so I'm just going to pretend the bugs aren't there.

Have you ever bought something and then noticed an awkward flaw?

Shirt: Old Navy (similarsimilar)
Shorts: Gap (exactsimilar)
Shoes: Sperry (exact)


  1. Glad you got the lipstick stain out of the shirt. I miss being able to shop in Old Navy Store. I have to do all my shopping online from them.

  2. Haha maybe that's why it was $5? It definitely is a cute shirt, I want to see a close-up now so I can check out those bugs!

  3. How weird! I remember seeing a few shirts at Gap (maybe last summer?) with beetles on them and I was really puzzled and wondered who buys those shirts. I guess there have to be some geeky girls out there (not that bugs are geeky) who would love it. I'm sure those same girls wonder why some shirts have bears on them.

  4. Hahaha. I was really wondering where this post was going when I saw the title. I agree, why would anyone want to wear bugs?? At least you can't tell from a distance :)