Wednesday, August 13, 2014

#13 - Navy Week - Striped Skirt

Hey, it's the confetti shirt again, because GUESS WHAT?  Some of the dots are navy, so it goes with this navy/cobalt striped skirt.  I just really love clothes with so many different colors, because they pretty much go with everything.

And I'm still pretty excited about this pink blazer.  It's not getting much play in the remix, because layers are not needed when the weather is consistently in the 90s.  Good thing I don't believe in "fall colors," so I will be wearing this a lot when it starts to cool down.  And no, I'm not part of the blogger coalition that is anxiously awaiting fall.  Let's keep summer around for awhile longer, okay?

Blazer: Gap (option, option)
Tee: Gap
Skirt: Gap (similar, similar)
Shoes: Old Navy (option, option)


  1. I love it. That striped skirt is so fun... and I'm with you with having summer hang around for a while longer.... it gets to be fall WAY too fast up here in Canada, and it's a rather short season, so we don't get a lot of chance for layers either... unless it's layered under a winter coat. But enough about that! Back to outfits! I look forward to seeing you wear that pink blazer a fair bit - a bright coloured blazer is on my to-get list, but I'll be thrifting around to see if I can find one.

  2. This skirt is such a great complement to that pattern on your tee!


  3. what a fun outfit! I love the mix of prints! your shirt looks like confetti! i love it!

  4. I also think that the blazer and confetti tee go perfectly together! Blazers and I don't often get a long, but this makes me really want a bright pink one!

  5. Seriously NO FALL YET! Let's just enjoy the weather we have right now! That shirt is so great for remixing!

  6. I'm definitely not one who is on the All.Things.Fall. train quite yet. But I would love for the temperature to cool down ever so slightly. 75 degree days are so nice, and yet so few and far between. Also, I am beating myself up now for not getting that tee when I had the chance. It's so perfect!

  7. Confetti?! I want confetti on my shirts!!