Wednesday, August 6, 2014

#6 - Big Scrabble News!

Are you all so excited that Scrabble is adding 5000 new words to the playable list?  Or are you just confused that I'm supposed to be a fashion blogger and I keep talking about nerd stuff?  Be honest, if you've stuck around here very long, you might be a bit more on the nerdy side of things.        

If you don't care about it from a Scrabble perspective, here's some bloggy relevance.  A lot of the new words are technologically inclined, so I can now play obnoxious words like "selfie" and "vlog." 

If you do care about Scrabble, you should definitely read Word Freak.

Anyway, I'm excited that there are new words to be played, even though I might not remember them.  It does make the game much easier when you have more 2-letter words to play off.  Not too many years ago, they added "za" and "qi" to the dictionary.  Which means those 10-point letters aren't really difficult to play at all.  There's almost no risk of getting stuck with them at the end, so it really changes the dynamic of the game. 

Also - look!  I'm wearing an outfit.  It's #6 in the 30x30.  You can't see my pink sandals, but I promise I'm wearing them. 

Tee: Gap
Belt: Chinese Laundry (similar)
Skirt: J.Crew (exact)
Sandals (not that you can see them): Love Culture (similarsimilar)


  1. I like scrabble, but can't say I play it super seriously. No one takes any risks so no challenges needed. I guess that sounds pretty boring haha. I really like this outfit, and I can imagine how cute it would be with pink sandals!

  2. The most I play is words with friends and nobody wants to play that with me anymore! I love that skirt and it looks so good with polka dots!

    1. I'd totally play with you, but only if you don't use on of those cheater apps!

  3. Ahhh, your nerdiness makes me like you even more though I'm surprised that's possible. I LOVE this shirt so much; it makes me think of Dippin Dots, and I sure do miss those. Your shirt is a close second.

  4. Love that polka dot shirt so much! I love scrabble, but I am not sure how I feel about words that are kind of also not-words. I should be excited because my husband always wins and with "vlog" I am a lot more likely too :)

  5. It been years since I have played scrabble. I used to be on a words up kick.

  6. It's one thing for Scrabble users to be able to use words like "bromance" and "frenemy", but I don't acknowledge those as real words. Slang? Colloquial expression? Sure. Word? No. Plus, I feel like it's all so arbitrary because "YOLO" made it into the dictionary (as a word) but last I knew "HAGS" wasn't in the dictionary, and yet everyone (at least in my middle and high schools) knew what that meant. I know you and I could get into it. Let's just say it's an eyeroll for me. Until it comes to Scrabble. haha

  7. Eee! My family and I are major Scrabble nerds, although it's kind of inevitable that my dad always wins. I'll send around that Forbes article--thanks for the heads up!
    Also, I love your tee in this outfit. I bet it goes with everything!

  8. I love scrabble! I've been meaning to pick up a deck for scrabble SLAM. Have you played?

  9. SCRABBLE!! I love word games, and I love that you are so excited about all the new playable words! Word nerds 4 lyfe.