Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Another Wedding Outfit

This has been a busy summer for weddings!  We had a lot of weddings back in the first few years after we got married, but then there was a lull.  Maybe one or two per year.  But since May, we've had 5 (one we didn't go to because baby was too little)!  And another one coming up in October.  I like weddings, and I like an excuse to dress up!  This is what I wore to a wedding over Labor Day weekend.  We took our baby with us, because it was a mid-morning wedding, and he's usually pretty happy at that time.  And miracle of miracles: he was quiet through the whole ceremony!  Way to go, Mr. Baby!  He's so smart!  And yeah, I need to think of a clever name for him on the blog.

Cardigan: JCF  (exact in various colors)
Top: Sunset Rd
Skirt:Gibson&Latimer  (similar)
Shoes: Target (exact without captoe)


  1. So many weddings! I've been to two in the past three years. PS I like "Mr Baby". But I may just keep referring to him as Baby, in hopes that you'll decide to actually rename him that.

    1. ... and since I just realized that sarcasm doesn't come in loud and clear, I'm joking. (I'm not very good at it, apparently.)

  2. Haha I'm a fan of the nickname Mr. Baby also! I call most of the boys in my class "sir" or "mister." I really like this top and cardigan together, they were made for each other!

  3. I love Mr. Baby! It's adorable! :) I think it's great that you were able to take him to your recent wedding - way to go Mr. Baby, for cooperating! ;)