Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Budget Rewind - September 2013

September 2013 is probably my most shameful shopping month ever.  At least I'm not being dramatic about it!  I remember it being a pretty rough time at work and I know I was shopping to relieve stress.  Not a great plan!  So anyway, this is going to be mostly bad.

Banana Republic Anchor tee: $4 - cute tee that I've worn at least 4 times and still like.
Limited Mint necklace $7 - I still like this and I think it might be short enough to wear even with Mr. Baby grabbing everything.
Gap Star tee: $6 - I've worn this a lot just with shorts and sandals in the summers.
Gap White Tank: $6 (originally $23)  (worn here) love this tank!  The burnout stripes are fun.
Gap Striped tank: $5 (originally $25) navy and white stripes are good for me.  This is another summertime MVP.

Athleta Tankini Top:  $35 and Swim bottom:  $30 - I needed a sportier swimsuit and this one has been okay. 
*Nine West Sunglasses: $10 - I have the worst time with sunglasses, probably because I refuse to pay more than $10.  I'm sure I wore these quite a bit until they broke.  
Payless Nude flats: $20 - I liked my nude pumps so much that I decided I needed flats.  I specifically went to Payless to get these and stubbornly bought them.  I don't really like these that much but I still have them and wear them sometimes. 

Limited Polka Dot Skinny Jeans $10  (worn here) - these are probably too trendy for me.  Although, when I look at how I have worn them, they are kind of cute...  
Limited Bootcut Jeans $45 - I had decided that I really needed a pair of non skinny jeans.  So I bought these for more than I should have.  They shrunk in the wash so are a little shorter than I'd like.  I reserve them for casual outdoor activities.  Not great fr $45.
Limited Dalmatian print belt $3.50 - impulse buy!  It's cute, but I haven't worn it much.  If I had a more neutral wardrobe, it would be an awesome addition.  I should really wear it with my LBD sometime, that would be cute!

Payless Cognac Sandals: $4 - these were pretty uncomfortable which defeats the purpose of flat sandals.  The color was too orange.  I wore them a couple times before buying a better option.
Payless Gray booties: $7 - somewhere along the way I decided that i should get some flat booties, so these seemed like a good idea.  Only I couldn't figure out when to wear them.  They looked dumb with skirts or dresses or skinny jeans. 
Michael Kors Striped tank: $7 - I just bought this because it was MK and cheap.  I've worn it once.  In theory I should like it.  I need to either wear it more or sell it!
Jones NY Striped Blazer: $7 - this is another hard to style piece.  I had almost bought the coral blazer from gap that everyone had, but never did.  So when this striped version was available, I grabbed it. I just don't know what to wear with it.  
Restricted Wedges: $3 - so dumb.  Cute but super impractical shoes.  In my original budget post, I as "
I mean, what was I supposed to do - leave the $3 shoes??  Let's not be crazy, okay!"  Yes, 2013 Andi, leave the $3 shoes!  

So much shame and buyer's remorse on this list.  

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  1. $3 shoes are hard to pass up! I just bought a pair of sneakers for $8 at Target and am telling myself I need to return them... but they're super cool. But I know I will regret the purchase a year from now. But isn't it okay if it brings me a lot of happiness in the short run?

    Bummer about the jeans. Is there any way to have them taken out? I once got my jeans hemmed but 1) I was wearing flats and 2) hadn't washed them yet -- so I rarely ever wear them and when I do, I think "gosh these jeans are short!". Maybe you could have them skinnified?