Monday, September 28, 2015

September Shopping

Hey, guess who actually bought some clothes in September?  This girl!  I knew I needed to get serious about jeans shopping before fall actually arrived, and finally bought a couple pairs.  You can read all about that here and here.  Still on the fence about the Loft pair.  I suspect I will keep them, but I just hate spending that much on anything.   

Gap Slim Straight Jeans: $42 (originally $70)
Gap Chambray Dress: $7 (originally $60) (similar with sleeves)
Loft Curvy Skinny Jeans: $42 (originally $80) - currently 40% off with code FALL40)
LeTote subscription: $30 (originally $55)

Total: $121 (originally $265)

Since I barely spent any money on clothes in the last 3 months, I'm still like $400 under budget for the year.  Which really means I probably don't need such a big clothing budget, huh?  Or I should probably use some of that money to buy some new tennis shoes.  Maybe that should be my October shopping task.  

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  1. yay for buying some new jeans. I hope you find the tennis shoe you want.

  2. I hated spending $50 on my Loft jeans, but when I realize I wear them 1-2x a week, it's easier to handle. At this point, I'm willing to shell out for a pair of pants that fit well. Good luck finding tennis shoes! I could easily have 100 pairs (even though I rarely ever wear them).

  3. I say keep your budget. Just because you haven't been shopping much and keep coming under budget doesn't mean that one month you may splurge a little. Jeans shopping is just dreadful. I'm glad you found a few pairs you liked!

  4. I'm loving all of the denim this month!

    Shoes are always so expensive (and the one thing I won't skimp on). You might find the extra money comes in handy!

  5. I would keep your budget right where it is! It's nice to have that extra room available when it comes to something like purchasing a nice coat or a pair of boots.

  6. I love that chambray dress! I just thrifted one similar to it a few months ago and I loooove it!!!