Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Jeans Shopping - Gap

On Sunday afternoon, I ventured out to the mall all by myself for some serious jeans shopping. Normally, I enjoy shopping, but this was not an exciting trip.  As I have mentioned, my body is just different now, and while my old jeans all technically fit, I don't feel good in them.  So I was on a mission to find a new pair of jeans that I really like.  And I figured I should probably blog about my experience, because some of my favorite posts from other bloggers are about shopping/fit.  As I was looking at these pictures, I almost chickened out.  But I'm going to forge ahead and try not to complain about my body too much.

Pre-pregnancy, I was usually a size 14 in jeans.  I'm tall-ish, and have always carried my weight mostly in my tummy, so I usually try on jeans that are baggy in the legs/butt, but still don't zip.  The good thing about pregnancy changing my body is that my hips are bigger now (yay??), so I didn't have that problem as much.  Except, despite doing the squats challenge, I still have no butt at all.

I went into Gap, because they've been my go-to jeans place for at least a decade.  And I proceeded to grab every single style of jeans in both a 14 and 16.  My arms were about to fall off by the time I got to the fitting room.  It probably didn't help that I was also on the phone with my sister.  It turned out that size 14 would button and didn't look too tight, but I knew I'd be uncomfortable in them.  And old me would have probably gone with it, but I have no time for being uncomfortable these days!  (#momstyle, amiright?)

First up, I tried on the Gap Resolution True Skinny.  Not a bad start.  I liked how these looked okay, but the fabric was too stretchy/leggingy.  I want my denim to have some stretch, but these were too much.  Looking at the website, it's because they are 41% Polyester, 34% Cotton, 23% Tencel®, 2% Spandex.  I need more cotton in my jeans, apparently!  

Gap Resolution Slim Straight was next.  My sister recently bought these, and told me to try them.  We are not similar body types at all, so I figured they wouldn't work for me.  Wrong!  I loved them!  And I think they look pretty good, too.  Guess what?  They are 95% cotton.  So they are actual jeans.

Next I tried on Gap Resolution Skinny (Legging) - I can't find these online anywhere!  They aren't the pull-on legging.  Anyway, I hated these.  Again, I don't think they look bad in the pictures, but they just fit too close and were too stretchy.  I can't imagine they would look good for more than 5 minutes of sitting down.  

These Gap Girlfriend jeans are like...  I don't even know what they are.  So stretchy, and yet still uncomfortable!  I feel like the whole point of a girlfriend fit is to be a little bit looser, which doesn't really work with the super stretchy fabric.  The fabric is definitely more of a knit than a jean, and seemed really thick, like my legs would get too hot.

Finally, I tried on the Gap Flare fit, because it seems like we might be getting tired of skinny jeans.  I managed to only get side view pictures of these.  I do love a good flare jean, but my last pair of non-skinny jeans barely got worn.  These are also 95% cotton.  I just like jeans to be jeans, okay?

After all that, I ended up getting the ones my sister told me to get in the first place, the Resolution Slim Straight.  When I got home, I was looking online and noticed a version without holes, so I meant to order those and then return the store ones.  But I let the day get away from me, and now they aren't running the 40% off deal anymore.  I might keep an eye on the sales and see if I can order those to see if I like them better.  I'm just worried about where the fading will hit on my thighs and whether that would look okay or not.

Anyway...  that's the long story of my Gap jeans shopping.  I went to Loft next, but that story will have to wait for another day, because my baby is about to wake up from his nap.

Any thoughts on jeans?  Where do you all find good options?  Do you think I should get some flares?


  1. I do love a good review post! Thanks for sharing this with us. Jean shopping is the absolute worst, in my opinion. I have such a hard time finding pairs that fit and are comfortable. I usually end up leaving feeling pretty badly about myself. I actually only own one pair of jeans that I like and they are the High-Rise Jeggings from American Eagle. Knowing that the Slim Straights work on two different body types makes me want to try them, though! Next time I feel like spending money on jeans, this is what Im going to look for!

  2. Love this post! I have to admit, once I figured out that Loft's modern straight and modern skinny cuts fit me, I don't even both with anything else. That being said, I do really do love the way those slim straight ones look on you! I may find myself in the same predicament (dealing with a different body shape) after I deliver in December, so I'll have to save this post for future reference!

  3. I love reading these review post. Levis has some great jeans. There curvy line is awesome. That what I wear.


  4. I just wore my LOFT jeans today. I love their curvy line and will probably buy another pair this fall. This is a great review, thanks for sharing. I, too, prefer cotton-heavy jeans, but find that the more cotton there is, the less stretch there is. And I need stretch in the thighs, unless the jeans are made for big thighed people... which they generally are not. I look forward to your LOFT review!

  5. I love a fitting room/review post! The jeans you got look great on you. But shopping for jeans can be the worst. I should probably get another pair of blue jeans since I only have one pair of jeans that aren't colored denim, but I reeeeeally don't want to shop for jeans. I am looking forward to your LOFT review because I've heard good things about their pants and jeans.

  6. We are very similar in size, and I carry my weight in the same places you do, so I really appreciated this post. I will need to go to Gap and try their jeans next time I'm in the market!!