Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Budget Rewind - September 2014

September 2014 was a pretty good month.  Probably because I knew I was pregnant, so was buying things with that in mind.  I did end up with a few things that are now too big (yay?), but I knew/hoped that would happen, and they should be pretty easy alterations whenever I have time to sneak some sewing into my schedule.  So here's the breakdown:  

  • J.Crew polka dot popover (similar) $24 - I love this shirt so much!  And I've worn it quite a bit considering it didn't fit for a few months of pregnancy.  
  • F21 Long silver necklace (similar) $8 - another frequently worn necklace.
  • Old Navy Pink skirt (similar): $3 - this is too big now, but I think I can take it in myself with a few simple stitches.
  • H&M layering tanks (gray and navy) (exact): $5 each - Really great for wearing under everything.  These are stretchy enough to provide a little support without being uncomfortable.


  • Gap navy skirt (similar): $12 - this should maybe be good?  It's also too big and needs to be taken in.  
  • Gap white/black tee (similar): $7 -  I just haven't worn this as much as I thought I might.
  • Old Navy windowpane top: (similar) $10 - I really like this too but haven't worn it very much.  I will have to wear it more!
  • H&M black/gray leopard tee: $13 I just bought this because I was excited about h&m opening but everything else I liked seemed like a gamble on whether it would fit for very long.  I like it but probably could have left it.
  • Old Navy white skirt (similar): $3 - I thought I liked this more than my white skirt from Banana Republic, but I've grabbed that one more often this summer.  Maybe the embroidery is awkward?  Basically, I had a white skirt that I LOVED about 12 years ago, and no other white skirt will ever be good enough, but I keep trying to find the perfect replacement.  
Bad (but not too bad)
  • Gap white/gray skirt: $12 - the picture in the collage isn't right at all, it's more of this style.I thought I would like these stretchy skirts more during pregnancy and right after, but by the time it was warm, I really preferred maternity shorts. 

So there you have it.  September 2014 might make up for the shame that I am about to share tomorrow with September 2013.  It's really bad, you guys.

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  1. I'm intrigued to see how pregnancy affected your budget/shopping habits! And for your Sept. '13 rewind -- it was probably my best rewind ever.