Thursday, September 17, 2015

Third Thursday Plaid

September is flying by, which means it's already time for Third Thursday Threads with Bri!  This month's theme is plaid, because people like to wear plaid in the fall.  I don't wear much plaid, which I've previously explained is probably due to my high school uniform involving a hideous plaid skirt.

Anyway, this is one of my only plaid items, and it doesn't exactly scream FALL!  But that's okay, because it's still pretty warm here.  And I don't really love fall colors, so I'll continue to wear my brights as the weather cools down.

Shirt: JCF (this year's color)  
Jeans: Gap (exact)
Shoes: Old Navy (similar, similar)


  1. I also don't own a lot of plaid. I love the color of your plaid shirt

  2. My plaid items feel so mid-fall that it seems wrong to wear them in 90+ degree heat. For that matter, it feels wrong to wear anything with long sleeves or long inseams.

  3. You look fantastic in brights so I don't blame you for not really feeling fall colors. I love this plaid on you though. Perfect for this time of year when everyone is talking about transitioning.

  4. I only have bright plaid shirts like this too (actually one of mine is almost exactly the same as yours but from ON.) And I realized that I only have a few plaid pieces in my closet, and most of them are flannel plaid so they definitely have to wait until it cools down.