Monday, September 14, 2015

Labor Day

So, this is what I wore on Labor Day.  I was pretty excited to fit into these shorts!  I've hardly worn them in the last 2 years because they were a little too tight, but I tried them on just to see and they fit!  Hooray!  

We spent the day with the Smith side of the family, just eating good food, and hanging out.  We played Clue, which is so stressful (especially when I was only half paying attention due to the adorable baby I was also playing with).  My MIL found the game at an antique shop, I think, and it's missing several pieces, so the revolver is just a black bead, and Professor Plum is a marker lid.  It's pretty funny.  I did not win, but I was right about Mr. Green.  You can tell just by looking at him that he's likely to murder someone in the billiard room.  I already forgot what the weapon was.  

And we're trying to be good about taking family pictures, so I lured the boys outside while I had my camera set up.  I promise you our baby is quite happy most of the time.  He just looks hopeless in photos.   

Cardigan: JCF (exact)
Tank: Gap (optionoption)
Shorts: Loft (navy option, )
Shoes: Sperry (similar)


  1. you family is adorable

  2. Good for you for trying to take family photos. It wasn't until our cat passed that I realized apart from blog photos (and summer vacation), I have taken barely any photos in the past year. Anyway. I really like this shade of pink on you.

  3. It is just the best feeling when you can fit into something that you haven't in a while. Plus these shorts are super cute! Love the family photo, even though Mr. Baby isn't cooperating haha.

  4. I love the family photo of you three! Your little guy is SO CUTE. I still just can't get over those cheeks of his! I'm in the same boat as you've been in with those same shorts - I love them so much, but they've been just a tad snug. I'm really hoping I'll be able to wear them next summer, because they're so fun!