Monday, April 13, 2015

Another Week, Another Visitor

So I mentioned that my sister and nieces were visiting last week.  The day after they left, my mom came out, so she and I are hanging out this week.  I've recruited her help with my long list of tasks to accomplish before baby arrives, so we will be doing some sewing projects and prepping some freezer meals.  I'm pretty excited that she was able to come out for a few days.

I'm also pretty excited that baby is 37 weeks now, which means he wouldn't be considered "premature" at this point, and might not even have to visit the NICU.  That makes me really happy.  And I think we have most of the necessary items for him now, too.  Carseat is installed, bassinet is put together, and I've got a drawer full of diapers and wipes.  So pretty much this kid can come whenever he's ready now.  Of course, I am aware he'll likely take the full 40 weeks or longer, but it's nice to get to a point where I wouldn't panic completely if I went into labor.

Cardigan: JCF
Necklace: F21
Belt: Chinese Laundry
Dress: Loft Maternity
Shoes: Old Navy


  1. glad your mom came out to help you out.

  2. Freezer meals are a great idea! I wish I would've taken the time to do that before we had our son. :) I remember thinking they would've been super helpful to have those first couple of weeks back to work too. Those can be pretty exhausting too!

  3. What a weight off the shoulders to make it past the premature point. It must be nice to have things in order. Also, you look great in navy and orange!

  4. Yay for mom coming and yay for it almost being time for baby! A doula that visits my office (and has four kids of her own) says add or subtract two weeks from your due date.

  5. So exciting that you're already to this point in your pregnancy! How are you feeling now that you're nearing the end??