Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tea Party Outfit

The best thing about this dress is that it was free.  The next best thing is that it was a little bit too big, so it still fits me when I am 8months pregnant!  I should probably have gotten it taken in a bit originally, but I'm glad I didn't, because I was very excited to wear it to the recent tea party that I attended.

Of course, I should be fired from blogging, since I didn't take any pictures at the tea party.  Just imagine a beautifully set table with pretty teacups at each place setting, and then imagine my friends all sitting around the table in pretty dresses, sipping tea and eating crumpets.  That's what it was like.

And then I went home and took pictures of my outfit next to the wall.

Jacket: Target
Scarf: JCF (top 10 item)
Dress: eShakti
Shoes: Target


  1. Hahaha. Next to the wall... you are too funny! I'm glad you got to wear your dress again! I wore my eShakti dress for Easter. It's funny, mine is a little bit too big too. I just wore a cardigan over it and hoped no one would notice!

  2. sounds like a fun tea party


  3. You are the worst blogger in history. You never get pictures at any of the events you go to! hurumph! jk. I still can't get over the fact that you're 8 mo. along. Also, every time I see this dress, I think that there are dragonflies on it.

  4. I'm with Kate--I thought those were dragonflies on your dress! Regardless, this is a very cute look--so much so that I forgive you for not taking pictures of your tea party :)

  5. Literally just cracked up out loud as I read this! I'm a terrible blogger, too - I took 3 photos during my time in North Carolina, and they were all of my friend's baby. Ha. I'm great at awkward selfies and pictures of my dogs, but that's about it. I love this dress on you, though - the print is so unique and I still just adore that jacket.

  6. my eShakti dress is a similar style and has cute bicycles but it is also pretty big in me, oh well. I have always wanted to go to a fancy tea party. Plus I love tea and desserts, I would enjoy it don't you think?