Thursday, April 9, 2015

Swiss Chard

That's how big my baby is at the moment, allegedly.  Or at least how long/tall he is?  I guess he weighs about 6 pounds, which doesn't sound like a lot until you are carrying it around in your belly.  Pregnancy is so weird, you guys!

Anyway, I have my last baby shower tonight, so that should be fun!  Plus my sister and nieces have been keeping me busy for the last couple of days, so I may just sleep for 48 hours straight when they leave.

Jacket: JCF (top 10 remix item)
Sweater: Old Navy Maternity
Jeans: Old Navy Maternity (top 10 remix item)
Shoes: Target


  1. have fun at the baby shower

  2. I second the sentiment that pregnancy is weird, although that comes from a spectator, so take it for what it's worth. Also, thank you for letting us know about baby swiss chard! Too bad you're not having a girl... but maybe Julio is a possible name? Julio Chard?

  3. Hm. Sometimes produce-baby comparisons get a little obscure, no? Pregnancy does indeed seem like a weird state of existence. Like Kate, I'm just a spectator though (for now, anyway!).

  4. These pants look great on you :)

  5. All the produce comparisons confuse, sometimes I feel like they make sense and are helpful to visualize the approximate size of a baby...but then I hear something like swiss chard and all I can picture is a big leafy stalk and it's so unlike a baby that it seems kind of absurd, hahaha! But in all look awesome in your white jeans, and I'm such a sucker for a denim jacket - can't even stand it! You're adorable!

  6. Swiss chard is so inaccurate to measure a baby in. This outfit is so cute, patriotic and Americana. I am doing the top 10 challenge too. While I didn't include my denim jacket on purpose since I wear it a ton, I did include a layering piece - my navy watercolor blazer. I don't know if you have read along mine or not. Have you found the challenge hard at all?