Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April Showers (and one in March, too)

I've been mentioning various baby showers over the past couple of weeks, so it's about time that I actually blogged about them!  I continued my trend of failing miserably at taking photos, but luckily, other people take pictures at such events, so I was able to steal their evidence.   (Thanks!!)
First up, here's the one that my friend Brooke threw for me.  This was friends/family (except most of my family lives far away, so they are saving their trips for later this summer to actually meet the baby.  This did not stop them from sending gifts!).   She did a safari animal theme, complete with zebra cakes and a "Match the baby animal" game.  There are some weird names for baby animals, of which I have already forgotten.        

Next, my church threw me a shower.  The theme was Peter Rabbit, even down to the food (carrot cupcakes, veggies, strawberries covered in orange chocolate to look like carrots)!  The timing worked out for my sister and nieces to be in town for this one, so the girls were the official gift carriers and brought me presents to open.  (Epic fail - I didn't get a picture with my sister!)

And last but not least (and chronologically first), my co-workers had a shower for me back in March, before I retired.  We had it at a local restaurant, so we ate dinner, played some games, and then the presents piled up, and of course, had some dessert.  One of my co-workers brought her one-month old baby, so I got to practice holding a pretty new little one.  She was super calm, but my kid was going wild punching and kicking me while I held the other baby.  I think he was feeling possessive or something.

Baby showers are so incredibly overwhelming.  I cannot even put into words how amazing it is to be surrounded by friends and family who care so much and are so generous.  Babies need a lot of stuff (or at least, we think they do), and so much of it has been given to us.  It's a huge blessing and I cannot thank everyone enough for planning and attending and showering us with gifts!

A note on the Top 10 Remix:  2 of these showers were in April, and I wore both of my remix dresses, as well as my pink cardigan.  So far, so good on the challenge!


  1. I love the themes of the first two showers and all of the little details! That's what makes wedding and baby showers so fun, in my opinion!

  2. How fun! Love the themes, especially that Peter Rabbit idea. Too cute.

  3. The safari theme is so adorable!!! Love that idea for a game of matching the baby animal names :)

  4. Glad you had some great baby showers.


  5. That is so neat that your baby was kicking while you held another one. So crazy! And obviously I love the idea of a safari themed shower. It's so nice that you have these groups in your life :)

  6. This is so much fun, Andi! My mother-in-law and I are going to be throwing a shower for my sister-in-law in June and I'm pretty excited about it! We haven't thought about many of the details yet, so this is good inspiration for me! ;) Baby Smith is one loved little boy already :)

  7. I'm so glad you were totally showered with love for your new baby, in three different places! All the showers look super cute. Glad your sister and nieces could join for one too.

    ♥ perfectly Priya