Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Currently April

A new months means it's time to link up with In Residence and Dearest Love!  Here's my list of currently:

Wearing:  whatever fits!  I've got a lot of clothes, and a lot of them were still workable for most of my pregnancy.  This is becoming less and less true.  I'm relying on my maternity items and then things like scarves, cardigans, etc to keep things interesting.

Sipping:  as much water as I can make myself.  Apparently staying hydrated is important in avoiding BH contractions and leg cramps, so I'm really trying to drink water!

Wishlisting:  I've got my eye on things that I can't currently wear, but am hoping to find on a clearance rack later this summer. Like I really want this yellow floral dress, even though it's probably not at all practical.

Writing:  Thank you notes for all the baby presents we have gotten!  And trying to write down my thoughts in this One-Line-A-Day journal.  I don't write things every day, so it might last me more than 5 years!

And currently not believing anything anyone tells me.  Have I mentioned how much I hate April Fool's Day?  Oh yeah, just every single year that I've been blogging.

Sweater: Old Navy Maternity
Skirt: Loft
Flats: Payless


  1. Have you ever thought about how many benefits to drinking water there are? It's mind boggling. The only drawback, it seems, would be more trips to the potty. And I hear that pregnant woman already go all the time, so a double dose of drawback? Bummer.

  2. this made me laugh. I love reading currently lists. I too hate April's fools day and I am glad no one made a fool of me. I am glad, I wasn't in the mood.

  3. Ha, I hate April Fool's too - I'm the WORST at it because I cannot pull of any type of practical joke whatsoever, and also I don't handle them being done to me very well (which people love because somehow that makes things funnier). Made it through today though :)

    And drinking lots of water is so hard! Why is that?

  4. Oh girl, I hate April Fool's Day, too! I felt so bad for one of my friends this year. She and her partner had just closed on their first house together, and posted pictures about it on Facebook that day (not realizing the significance of the day). Instead of being happy for her, people were like, "APRIL FOOL'S!!!" Moral of the story: never share significant information on April 1.

    Also, holy crap I love that yellow floral dress you linked to...want!!!