Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Budget Rewind - April 2014

April 2014 was a big shopping month because I went to Minnesota for my cousin's wedding, and then my sister and nieces came to visit and they love to shop!  And we found some pretty great sales, so it was hard for me to say no to things, because they were so cheap.  Anyway, this means I have a fair amount of not Good items to discuss.

H&M Leopard Cardigan: $15 (originally $15) - blogged 7 times, and I'm sure I've worn it more, and it is still one of my favorites.  I'm sure I'll get it to $1 cost-per-wear, and probably even lower.  
Gibson & Latimer black pencil skirt: $20 (originally $60) - 13 blog appearances, and I was able to wear it through most of pregnancy!  
Gap Outlet Purple blouse : $3 (originally $40) - well, for $3, you can bet it was easy to get the cost per wear under $1.  
Gap Blue/Navy striped skirt: $5 (originally $45) - an impulse buy, but I've worn it 6 times, and I still like it (and it is stretchy to fit while pregnant!).  
Old Navy Blue/white floral shirt: $5 (originally $25) - worn 5 times already, and I think it will be a post-pregnancy favorite.  
Gap Outlet Green BF cardigan: $10 (originally $40) - this had been on my list for a long time, so I'm glad I found it for $10!  
Gap Outlet Gray rhinestone flats:  $5 (originally $35) - I bought these as a planned replacement for my gray captoe flats, which are kind of falling apart.  I don't like these as much, but they are still a good shoe to have.  And again, they were super cheap.  
Gray shorts: $15 (originally $23) - I have worn these shorts a lot, just not always blogged.  And then I bought the black pair and wore those a ton as well.  Hopefully they will fit again at some point this summer and I can continue to wear them!  
Gap Floral top: $6 (originally $55) - I really love this top, but found it was weird for me to style, so I built my late summer 30X30 around it, and ended up wearing it a lot.  It was getting a little tight around the middle when I first got pregnant, so depending on how my body acts this summer, it may or may not get to stay in my closet.  But either way, I got my $6 worth.  
Navy lace sweater: $9 (originally $45) - Another one I really love.  I'm sure I've worn it 9 times, and will continue to wear it until it falls apart!  
JCF Navy/White stripe tee:  $8 (originally $33) - not the most exciting item of clothing, but I've worn it a lot, and navy stripes are a good staple in my closet!  

JCF Plaid Popover: $15 (originally $65) - I thought this was a really smart purchase when I made it, because I loved my previous plaid popover so much and it was getting too small.  But I've only worn this one a few times.  I still have it and like it, so I'm hoping I can wear it some more
Floral flats: $25 (originally $98) - totally ridiculous purchase, but they are so cute!  The problem is that  I can only wear them in the spring and summer, when there is no risk of rain.  
Gap Outlet Mint Polka Dot Popover: $11 (originally $40) - another one I thought I would wear a lot, but haven't.  Blame this one on ironing.  I just don't get things ironed very quickly, so sometimes items end up in the ironing pile for quite a long time and then they aren't in the closet to get worn.  I do think this could be a favorite post-pregnancy
Gap Outlet Pink striped dress: $12 (originally 60) - medium might be generous for this one.  It just doesn't remix well, so I've worn it a few times, but there aren't many exciting ways to style it that I can find, which is kind of boring for me.  
Gap Outlet Navy/white stripe sweater: $6 (originally $45) -worn several more times than I've blogged, this is probably on the good side of medium, but if I had left it, I don't think I would miss it.  
Gap Outlet Black ankle strap wedges: $9 (originally $55) - I'm slightly torn on these.  I've worn them a fair amount, but they aren't very comfortable, and were starting to feel a little snug the last time I wore them.  Of course, when I bought them, I didn't know I'd be pregnant and my feet might swell or even grow, so I shouldn't penalize my past self.  But for black flats, I probably could have left them.  

Green striped blouse: $11 (originally $33) - stupid to buy this, but I realized it had never been worn a couple months ago and I am trying to work it into the rotation.  Hopefully I can turn this into a Medium or Good soon!  
White sweater: $9 (originally $45) - I love the idea of this sweater, but I think the proportion is just off on me.  Maybe it's too short?  I don't know.  I should probably get rid of it, but I will likely try to wear it a couple more times and see if I can make it work.  
Lucky Plaid blouse tank: $4 (originally $50) - worn once on the blog, and at least one other time that I can remember.  I think it just isn't quite my style, but I was lured in by the $4 price tag.  

11 good, 6 medium, 3 ugly.  I just need to figure out how to not buy the stupid things and then I'll be great!


  1. I so need to put one of these list together.

  2. I feel like the plaid blouse tank would be so easy to style under a cardigan or jacket? You should give it a try. I do appreciate your candidness though... "stupid to buy this". I feel the same way about my peach version and need to make it work. Your floral flats are my favorite of this bunch, and even if you can only wear it two seasons of the year, that's still 100+ days (minus, what, 10 days of rain?) I'm on the hunt for a pair of floral flats myself. It's a lot harder than you'd think. Or I'm a lot pickier than you'd think.

  3. I think I say this with every budget rewind post you do, but I truly loooove these posts, Andi! Even just reading them has made me much more critical about my own closet and what comes in/goes out. Also, I always smile when you wear or talk about your leopard print cardigan, because we were together when you bought it! So fun!!! :)