Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Budget Rewind - April 2013

April 2013 was also big shopping month, because I went to visit my friend in Arizona, and we hit the outlets pretty hard.  Or at least I did!

Gap Polka Dot Skimmers: $15 (originally $35) - love these shoes and I am getting nervous they will fall apart soon.  But I've definitely worn them enough to say they were worth it!  
Gap Pink Shorts:  $28 (originally $40) -  I went back and forth on these, because $28 is more than I usually spend on anything, but at that point, I was really struggling to find shorts that I liked in a decent length, so I went for it (plus they bumped my total purchase up to the point where I got an extra percentage off, so it worked out).  I think it was the right decision.  I'm not sure if I've worn these 28 times, but I have worn them quite a lot, and I think I will continue to wear them if/when I am back to a normal size.  
Gap Navy Cardigan $13 (originally $40) - 16 blog appearances, and many many more times worn.  This cardigan has been a closet rockstar.  It's starting to look a little faded, so might be time to search for a replacement.  
H&M *Black Blazer:  $15 (originally $25) - as evidenced by the remix post I did, I've worn this blazer a lot!  
H&M *Lace Tee: $10 - I wore this top so much that it started to fall apart.  Granted, it wasn't the highest quality piece, but it was well-loved for almost 2 years, and then I found a replacement that will hopefully last a little longer.  
H&M *Leopard Scarf: $7 - a leopard scarf had been on my wishlist, and this one has been perfect.  I've worn it a lot and continue to wear it!  
H&M Floral Scarf: $7 - this was an impulse buy, because I just thought it was really pretty.  It was a good idea, because the colors play really well with the rest of my clothes and I've worn it a lot.  
Banana Republic Striped Dress: $25 (originally $100) - one of my favorite dresses of all time!  Stripes in ALL THE COLORS are just perfect.  
Old Navy Striped Skirt: $7 (originally $23) - blogged 18 times, and worn many more, this is a favorite skirt for sure!  

H&M *Cobalt Necklace: $12 - slightly silly, but I do really like this necklace.  I just don't wear it as much as some of my other necklaces.  
Banana Republic Green Dress: $13 (originally $100) - I really love this dress, but it's just not the most practical for my shape.  The slit in the neck means I need to wear a scarf to keep it G-rated, and the fitted shape of the dress isn't great for me when my weight fluctuates (and then I think I look pregnant when I am not).  I haven't gotten rid of it, because it's SO PRETTY, but it should probably make it's way to the donation pile soon.  
Old Navy Black/White Striped Tee: $7.50 (originally $15) - in theory, a good idea, but the fabric on this tee was just too flimsy/clingy.  I didn't like they way it looked on me, and would always pick a different striped tee.  
Old Navy Blue/White striped Tee: $7.50 (originally $15) - same problem as the black and white version.  

Gap Mint Tank Top $7 (originally $23) - first of all, why did I think $7 was a good price for a basic cotton tank?  And then it was just really thin, but clingy enough that I couldn't wear anything underneath it without looking lumpy.  Just a bad decision.  
Old Navy Green tank: $6 (originally $18) - so wrinkly and staticky.  It's just more trouble than it is worth!  
9 good, 4 medium, 2 ugly.  I don't know exactly what to make of my numbers each month, but I am impressed by all the really good things I have bought in April the past 2 years!  


  1. April seems like a great shopping month for you! Two rewinds with majority good items? Sounds like a win!

  2. That striped dress from Banana is SO cute! I love all the colors and the style is just so adorable. Definitely a good purchase, I think :)

  3. Ooof, I had that same green Old Navy tank (in coral), but I had the same problem with it. To be honest, the quality of Old Navy's fabrics they use on most of their tops is so disappointing...too sheer, clingy, staticky, wrinkly...and then half the time, they shrink as well. I hate having to air dry all of my tops, so because of all these reasons, I've pretty much stopped buying tops from Old Navy. It's a bummer, though, because they have a lot of cute stuff! I just much prefer low-maintenance items, haha. I still have a major crush on that striped dress from Banana Republic.