Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Maternity Style - Second Trimester

Maternity Recap continues with the second trimester.  This is when it starts to get real, folks.  Around this time, we started telling everyone the news, which was really fun.  Plus we had the holidays where we got to see lots of family in person!  Here are a few fun moments:
  • Week 15: We found out baby is a boy, but we didn't tell anyone that we knew yet.  
  • Week 17:  Spent Thanksgiving with my family and surprised everyone with the news that baby is a boy.
  • Week 18:  Back in Nebraska, we told John's parents they were getting a grandson.
  • Week 20:  Had the halfway point ultrasound, and got to see baby looking like a baby.  This is also the week I confessed my news on the blog.
  • Week 21:  Christmas with John's extended family - shared the boy news in person.  (flying/driving long distances while pregnant isn't the most fun, FYI)
  • Week 23:  I finally started feeling kicks!  
At this point, I was still able to wear most of my regular shirts, and several skirts and dresses. I bought a few pairs of maternity jeans, and a couple maternity dresses.  In hindsight, knowing that I didn't get as big as I thought I might, I wouldn't have bought as many dresses.  Oh, I also started taking a few sideways pictures.  And wore cardigans almost every day, apparently.  Because no matter how big your waist gets, you can always fit into an unbuttoned cardigan.    

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