Friday, May 29, 2015

Budget Rewind - May 2013

May 2013 was a pretty good shopping month!  Here's the rundown:  

  • Gap pink/white Dress: $14 - can I even explain how much I have loved this dress?  It's currently in the pile to either chop into a skirt or donate to Goodwill, because it was starting to feel too short on me.  Not sure if it shrank, or if I'm just getting more modest in my old age.  I think it would work pretty well as a skirt, but I just haven't had time to modify it.   
  • Old Navy boyfriend cardigan cobalt: $8 - I bought this as a replacement for my old cobalt cardigan that was starting to look a bit shabby.  Now 2 years later, this one is starting to look a bit shabby, so maybe time to get a new one?  
  • Old Navy Blue/White stripe Dress: $7 - striped dresses are good for me.  My only complaint about this one is that it does require ironing, which kind of defeats the purpose of such an easy knit dress.  But I still like it and wear it quite a bit.  
  • F21 Scarf:  $8 - orange and purple are 2 colors that I like, but didn't wear a whole lot of.  This scarf was my gateway into getting more of these colors in my closet, and I am glad! 
  • Gap Blazer: $16 - another item that I really loved and wore a lot.  I regret getting rid of it during a major closet purge in the fall.  I sent it to ThredUp, thinking it would sell for a decent amount, but they didn't even accept it.  What??  So I should have kept it.  
  • Gap confetti tee: $10 - yep, another much-loved item.  It's just so fun and makes me smile when I wear it.  Plus, lots of colors, so it goes with everything!  

  • Old Navy boyfriend cardigan coral:  $8 - a coral cardigan seemed like a brilliant choice, but something about this one just wasn't quite right.  I think the color was a bit different than my coral preference, and it showed wrinkles really bad.  I just don't love most of the ways I wore it.  And I don't remember getting rid of it, but I can't find it anywhere, so I must have thrown it in the donate pile at some point!  
  • Target Scarf: $3 - I had this on my Christmas list, but then it was missing from all stores, so I was happy when I found it several months later for $3.  But I already had this scarf, which is kind of similar, so I probably wear them both about half as much as I would otherwise.  So, I probably should have skipped the Target scarf.  But it was $3, and I've worn it more than that, so it is at least a medium.  

  • NY&Co belt: $5 - another seemingly good idea, but the color just isn't quite right.  It's somewhere between navy and cobalt, which means it kind of doesn't look right with anything.  I still have it, and think it's cute, but I rarely reach for it.  Since it was only $5, I won't put it in the "ugly" category.  But I probably wouldn't miss it if I had left it behind.  
As I do these rewind posts, I'm really surprised at what things end up in the Good category.  For example, I would have guessed that the confetti tee would be a favorite, because I really loved it when I bought it.  But that F21 scarf - I actually bought as a gift for someone, before realizing that I had never seen this person wear purple, orange, or scarves, and decided to buy them something else, and then realized F21's return policy was store credit only, and decided to keep it for myself.  And then I've really loved it.  And I would have absolutely expected the coral cardigan to be a favorite, but it wasn't.  So I don't necessarily know how to make great decisions at the time of purchase!  But I still think it's fun to look back.  

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  1. I still absolutely love these posts, Andi! I keep saying that I want to do them myself and then I just don't ever think about it...but as I am trying to plan ahead more in my posting schedule, I think I should intentionally do a budget rewind post every now and then!! :)