Thursday, May 28, 2015

Budget Rewind - May 2014

May 2014 was a light shopping month, except for the stupid suit that I bought.  I could have told you it was stupid when I bought it, but I felt like I needed it for an important last minute work trip.  And I wish I had just made something else work, because it probably wouldn't have been a big deal.  Otherwise, it was a pretty good month:

Sperrys: $60 :  I'd been wanting these forever, and finally took the plunge.  My only regret is not buying them sooner.  
Merona Shorts: $10  - Love these, and I wore them a bunch last summer.  Hoping they will fit again soon!  
NY&Co Silver bow belt: $2 
Steve Madden 2-pack skinny belts black and brown: $10 
H&M Skirt: $7 (originally $17) - I wore this a lot last summer on days when I didn't take pictures, so I think I've probably worn it 7 times, at least.  And as a black/white printed knit pencil skirt, I think it will continue to be something I reach for.  


H&M Workout Tanks (I got pink and leopard):  $5 each - the first time I wore the pink one, I realized it was actually quite see-through.  Oops.  So, I have to wear a black tank underneath it, which means it isn't great for working out.  I've worn it a few times just as a casual tank.  The leopard one is great, though.  

Le Suit Blazer: $54 (originally $79) - Hey, I've at least worn this twice!  I do think I will be able to wear this with jeans or other skirts/dresses as a layering piece.  And I think it's pretty classic, so maybe it will be a long-term good, but based on the last year, it's not been a great purchase.  


Le Suit Skirt: $25 (originally $50):  worn just once, and not sure how useful it's going to be in the future.  

So let's just pretend I didn't buy the suit, okay?

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