Saturday, November 21, 2015

Book Review - Food

Food is a very funny book.  I've been vaguely aware of Jim Gaffigan for quite awhile, but never watched any of his stand-up, so this was all pretty much new material for me.  I did watch a few YouTube videos and some of it is apparently verbatim from his stand up acts, so if you've been a big fan, some of this book will likely be repetitive.

He just talks about food, specifically in America, and says funny things.  The 2 main sections are about the geographic food identities in the US, and then the rundown of all the fast food options.  I laughed out loud multiple times and read the funniest sections out loud to John.  As someone who thinks most seafood is fairly disgusting, I really appreciated his take on shellfish.  They are giant sea bugs.  His whole spiel about McDonald's was spot on, as well.  Everyone acts like they are too good to eat at McDonald's, but they are serving billions somehow.

Anyway, I thought it was a pretty fun book.  And pretty clean.  Sometimes comedians rely so much on being vulgar, but Gaffigan seems to stay PG while also being hilarious.  It probably helps that he has 5 kids.  Now I want to read his other book.  That might be a good audiobook for our long car ride over the holidays.      


  1. Definitely get the audio book of the other one! Or you can download his standup stuff from iTunes as well, which we have done and really enjoyed for long car rides. The way he does various voices and such makes his stuff WAY funnier, so I was actually kind of disappointed by the book. Love finding someone who can do PG funny though...

  2. I would probably end up reading his stuff in his voice. If you have Netflix, I think one or two of his stuff is on there. (Beyond the Pale; Mr. Universe). I do find him to be one of my favorite comedians precisely because he doesn't have to resort to vulgarity to be funny. Oh, and I will admit that I'm not too good to eat at McDonald's.

  3. I listened to this on audiobook for the food theme category, too. Jim Gaffigan narrated it, so it was a very fun listen! I was impressed, too, with his ability to be funny without resorting to fowl language.

  4. I'm with Kate - I really like Jim Gaffigan because he is funny without being offensive. I like crude humor and am not offended by bad language, but I don't like when there are racist/sexist/homophobic comedians, and so much of what is out there right now has hints of (or is blatantly) being offensive. The way Jim Gaffigan delivers lines just kills me, too! I would definitely suggest going with an audiobook - he's so awesome.