Tuesday, November 24, 2015

November Minsgame - week 3

Another week of getting rid of stuff and I'm embarrassed at how easy this is.  Here's the rundown for the week: 

15: started cleaning out my closet.  I'm sending more than 15 items to ThredUp
16: nail polish. I rarely paint my nails and when I do, it's red or pink.  I don't need a drawer full of options.
17: expired spices. Sad.
18: magnets that I've had for so long. Most of these were in my high school locker and then in my office at work. They don't belong in my house anywhere. I have plenty of magnets that I actually like on my fridge.
19-20: I'm counting 2 days for this because it is a carload of random stuff to Goodwill.  I took this picture and then we added about 4 more boxes.  We are cleaning out the storage closet and finding a lot of thingswe really don't need!
21: more than 21 buttons. I've been saving extra buttons forever and I don't remember the last time I needed one to sew back on anything.

It feels good to get rid of all this stuff.  And as we were cleaning out the closet, we had some fun.  John was like "I think we should take a break." And I said "yeah, I'm getting hungry for lunch." But he was like "no, i found this old PlayStation game, we need to play it." So we did.  Cleaning is fun!


  1. Way to go! That's nice that John is helping you can things out! :) I need to get back in the game, traveling makes it hard!

  2. Nice work!! Nail polishes were a big thing for me with this challenge too. I got did rid of a bunch and honestly could probably pitch even more of them.

  3. You go girl! That's awesome that you're getting rid of all of that stuff. I have a few closets that i need to go through myself. I keep a strict eye on my clothes because there's just not a ton of room for me to keep things I don't wear but I let other junk pile up other places.

  4. You're on a roll! I love that you guys took a break to play Play Station! :)

  5. I have a sandwich sized zip lock bag full of buttons! And I've never used a single one, but I know one day I'll want one. I have a bag ready to be sent off to ThredUp but I'm so unmotivated to drive it out to the drop off spot. Hopefully we'll both have luck with our bags!