Friday, November 6, 2015

Book Review - Why Not Me?

Mindy Kaling is a celebrity I would totally hang out with.  She just seems really nice and funny, and a little bit awkard.  Her new book, Why Not Me was endearing and fun, just like her previous book.

One thing she talks about is how people always mention that she isn't a "conventional looking" actress and doesn't bow to the pressures of Hollywood.  To this, she says "My deep dark secret is that I absolutely do try to conform to normal standards of beauty. I am just not remotely successful at it."

I thought that was kind of awesome.  Me too, Mindy.  Me too.  


  1. I wanted to hang out with Mindy even more after reading this one too.

  2. I really liked her first book, so I'm really looking forward to get a hold of this one!

  3. I enjoyed her first book, I was surprised that she had enough to say for another book! She is really funny and I'd definitely hang out with her, too.

  4. I really enjoyed Mindy's first book as well, and I am really eager to find this one to read!! :)