Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Box Clothes

Sometimes, I'm like "hmm, what should I wear to such and such event?" and lately my husband is like "just wear some of your box clothes!" I guess he's catching on to the idea of LeTote.

I actually got this top in a recent tote, but it was too tight across my chest, so I didn't end up wearing it.  Then I requested it in the next size up in my next tote, because I thought it was pretty cute and wanted a chance to wear it.  It was still a smidge tighter than I would have liked (seriously, they expect you to be very flat!), but I wore it anyway.  Spellcheck is mad about smidge.  Is that not a word now?  Am I just making things up?

Cardigan: Gap factory (similar)
Top: LeTote
Jeans: Gap (exact)
Shoes: Target (similar)


  1. "Box clothes" - love it! And I love the top paired with fun bright shoes.

  2. Oh husbands. Yours is funny, but we already knew that. I have been so frustrated with Le Tote sizing lately. Before adding things to my closet, I spend way too much time debating which size to request. Are you going to do another Le Tote recap? I want to know what else you're getting!

  3. Hahaha, I use the word "smidge" all the time! In fact, it used to be my password wayyyy back in the day, ha! Love it. And spellcheck is wrong. It's totes a word; Google says so. :)