Saturday, November 28, 2015

Budget Rewind - November 2014

I hardly bought anything in November 2014.  Both of these items are solidly in the medium category.  
H&M striped sweater: $10 - I probably haven't worn this 10 times yet, but it has been an easy sweater to throw on.  I suspect I will wear it even more this winter
Gap knit skirt: $10 - I wore this a lot over the summer.  It was a perfect comfortable option post partum.  

So pretty decent last year!  Now in November 2013, I bought a bunch of stuff!  But more about that tomorrow.


  1. Two thumbs up! Even though they're not great purchases, it looks like it was a decent way to spend $20!

  2. Well done my dear they are really good articles and can be purchased as the price is economical and can be used in variety of combinations. i will surely think about it...