Sunday, November 29, 2015

Budget Rewind - November 2013

It's crazy to look back at how much I bought each month.  Here's November 2013.  The outlet mall opened up, which made J.Crew Factory more accessible to me.  And of course, I had to hit up some black Friday sales.  For the most part, these were good decisions, at least.  Here's the ratings:

F21 Gold chain necklace (similar: $11 - blogged 23 times, worn many other times, and still like it.  
Gap factory midrise Skinny Jeans: $30 - these were great jeans.  They don't fit right anymore, so I'm getting rid of them, since I have a few pairs of newer jeans that I like.  
J.Crew Factory Camel Cardigan (similarsimilar): $24 - blogged 26 times, and worn much more!  I love it when a more expensive item ends up being well under the $1 cost per wear.  
J.Crew Factory Polka dot popover (similar): $31 - blogged 11 times, worn a handful of other times. I probably spent a little more than I should have, but I suspect it will continue to be a favorite shirt in the coming year.  
J.Crew Factory printed button-up shirt (similar): $16 - only blogged 8 times, but I'm sure I've worn it a lot more than that.  I really love this shirt.  
Old Navy red cardigan (exact):  $10 - blogged 11 times.  Just a good basic piece in a perfect red color.  
Old Navy cobalt skirt (similar):  $10 - blogged 13 times.  This skirt was neglected for a few months after I bought it, but then I've worn it a lot.  I just love a knit pencil skirt.  It is starting to look a little rough.  I might keep my eye out for a replacement. 
Old Navy gray/silver flats:  $12 - blogged 33 times.  I bet I've worn these 100+ times.  They are falling apart.  I wore them about a week ago and noticed the back seam is coming apart.  Sad day.  I'll definitely need a replacement for these.  
Old Navy tights (3 pair - brown, gray, tan) (exact): $4 each - I really like Old Navy tights.  They are long enough (yay) and tend to hold up pretty well.  
Steve Madden Kambyy Boots (exact): $95 - blogged 45 times, but again, I bet I've worn them over 100 times.  I remember feeling bad when I bought these, because I hate to spend so much on an item, but it's a way better $100 spent than 5 things that cost $20 and I never wear.  I need to remember this!   


J.Crew Factory Sylvia wedges black (exact): $59 - blogged 16 times?  I'm actually surprised by that.  I like these a lot, but they are a little bit too big, and I rarely wear heels.  I do think they are a pretty classic shoe, so hopefully they can be my standby basic black pumps for years to come.  
Old Navy cobalt pumps (similar):  $12 - blogged 5 times.  Again, I love these, but they aren't comfortable at all, and I don't wear heels very often.  I'd much rather have some cute cobalt flats.  I think these are going in the sell pile.  

F21 Love bracelet (similar): $2 - for how cheap this was, I guess it isn't so terrible, but still.  I could have bought half a frappuccino with that money!  I did probably wear it twice.  

Honorable mention
Kate Spade bow earrings: $14 -I ended up returning these, because I so rarely wear earrings.  This was a good decision!

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  1. ha, wouldn't it be awesome if consumerism worked in fractions? Like, I have 50 cents, can I have a quarter of a cup of coffee? Anyway, I do love the feeling of splurging on an item and then having it turn out to be a good purchase. I think I spend too much time nickel and diming rather than looking at the big picture. Hopefully I can come up with a new philosophy for 2016.