Monday, November 2, 2015

Emotional Weekend

We spent the weekend up in Minnesota for my uncle's funeral.  We left early Friday morning.  The drive wasn't too bad.  Mr. Baby sleeps quite a bit in the car, but then is pretty grumpy when he wakes up and is still trapped in his car seat.  The trip took longer with him, so we got to the hotel just as my parents, sister, and nieces were leaving for the church.  We got checked in, and had a quick turnaround getting ourselves ready, and then headed to the church.  We had a little time with just family before the visitation and funeral.  I've probably mentioned before that I'm a crier.  Any extreme emotion (happiness, sadness, anger) makes me cry.  It's pretty inconvenient.  Well, I get it from my dad, and the rest of the family seems to have the same problem.  Friday evening was kind of a blur of hugging, crying, laughing, crying.  John and I left for a little bit to drive around and see if Mr. Baby would take a nap before the funeral.  He fell asleep about 4 minutes before we needed to be back in the church.  Somehow, he slept through most of the service, which was a blessing.

The burial was Saturday morning, just the family.  Many more tears.  It was pretty cold and rainy, so I put Mr. Baby in the carrier/wrap thing to keep him warm.  He wasn't really sure what to make of all the weepy grownups, and kept grinning at me.  He's a pretty good medicine for heartache.  Then we spent most of Saturday at my aunt's house catching up with family.

In the afternoon, I took my nieces out trick-or-treating in a small town nearby.  They didn't have costumes, but the small town folks still gave them candy.

It was really wonderful to see most of my extended family, and get to introduce them to my boy, but I wish it had been for a happier reason.  I'm sad Mr. Baby won't get to meet Uncle Wes.  I think they would have gotten along just fine.

We drove home yesterday, and it seemed to take way longer than the drive up on Friday.  Probably because we were so tired from the weekend.  We were grateful for the warm November 1st, because we could stop and let the boy get some fresh air every so often.

Anyway, October has been an eventful month.  Birthdays, a wedding, and a funeral.  I think/hope that November will be quieter.


  1. Oh Andi I am so so sorry for your loss. It sounds like your Uncle was a great guy. I'm sure your worn out from all of the crying and traveling and all of that :( The good news is, Mr. Baby is ADORABLE. Thoooose cheeks! So cute!

    Thinking of you!

  2. I'm so sorry you have to go through all of this but I admire the way you are able to find the silver linings in all of it: family, support, super adorable and well behaved Mr. Baby.