Monday, November 9, 2015

November Minsgame - Week 1

Minimalism is all the rage in the blogosphere these days.  I will likely never be a minimalist, but I have had the itch to get rid of stuff in the last year or so.  I haven't done as much as I want, and I have a million mostly legitimate excuses.  Like being exhausted/sick while my body built a human.  Or not knowing what clothes I will want or fit into, so being afraid of getting rid of anything.  

Long story short, when I heard about the Minsgame that Break the Twitch, One Girl Two CitiesSimply Save, and SocialSara612 are hosting in November, I figured this would be a fun way to get jump started on de-cluttering my house.  The basic plan is to get rid of things every day, with the number of things matching the day of the month.  So November 1st, get rid of one thing, November 2nd, two things, and on and on.  To be completely honest, these things aren't getting completely out of my house each day, but I'll be taking trips to Goodwill and selling things as quickly as I can.    

I'll do weekly check-ins on the blog, sharing what I got rid of that week. Week one went as follows:

  1. TV - after searching for where I could donate or recycle this, I asked Facebook, and had 2 friends who wanted to take it!  So I gave it to a new home.  
  2. Wedding hats. Someone gave us these at our rehearsal dinner, and I've been holding on to them, but why??  I don't see any scenario where I would wear a Bride hat again.  
  3. iPhone 5 Cases - don't need these anymore
  4. Kitchen canisters.  I've used these for storing baking supplies for many years, but I don't bake that often, so the brown sugar was usually rock hard, and I never knew if something might be expired.  I'm just going to stick with leaving ingredients in their normal packaging.  Plus I have more counter space now!
  5. Flip flops and tights that I no longer want.  
  6. Wine Glasses - For a couple who rarely drinks wine, we sure had a lot of wine glasses.  I was happy to part with a few that we got for free at local wineries.   
  7. (not pictured) Underwear - let's be honest, I do laundry often enough that I don't need a drawer overflowing with underthings.  
  8. Belts/Sashes - these mostly came with dresses or shirts, and I never wear them.  
So far, it's been pretty easy.  The bigger number days might get trickier, but unfortunately, I think I have enough excess that it won't be too difficult selecting items to pitch.  I'm hoping I'll be able to sort through my closet in the next week or so and get rid of some things.   


  1. I really like this idea! I've been trying to purge my closet lately, but I think I'll be extending it to other areas of the house! Thanks for sharing this idea!

  2. These are all such great things to get rid of. It's crazy how much we accumulate, isn't it? I'm planning on sorting through my closet, too, so we'll be in it together. :) Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Sounds like you're off to a good start! So glad you're joining us!

  4. So interesting! I'm somewhat minimal (usually don't have much problem getting rid of stuff and actually really love a good closet purge, whether clothes or other stuff), but I'm always amazed how much more I can find every time I try to do more. One tricky thing always is how/where to get rid of stuff to though! Clothes & furniture I can sell or donate, but old appliances and such do get tricky, don't they? Luckily have discovered a good recycling center nearby, but offering things up on Facebook is a good idea too :)

    So I'm 9 days late but I think I might need to jump in on this! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Welcome! So happy you are participating. Isn't it funny the stuff in hindsight that you kept around and later you're like "what was that all about?" I'm sure a big part of the reason you kept the bride/groom hats was sentimental and I can absolutely relate to that. :)

  6. I had never heard of Minsgame before this (still don't know if it's officially a thing) but it sounds interesting. I've been trying to get rid of and/or clean an area of the house every day. Today I put two Le Tote boxes in the recycling bin. Win! haha

  7. Haha, I totally went through my underwear drawer too as part of this challenge! :) another place I found a ton of things to just pitch was in our master bathroom. So many headbands and beauty products that I don't use! I'm guessing the purge of things is feeling as good for you as it's been feeling for me. :)

  8. I love getting rid of things, too! I really like seeing what people choose to get rid of as well. I've been feeling the itch to get rid of things lately more than usual...I'm going to have to get started myself!