Monday, December 12, 2011

All Aboard!

Friday night, we got all dressed up for John's company's Christmas party.  It was downtown at the Durham Museum (old Union Station), so we took the opportunity to take a picture on the train.  I wish they had some landscape pictures outside the window, so it actually looked like I was going somewhere. 

I almost wore my new green glitter shoes, but I thought it was a bit much, and I was pretty sure they'd be ruined the second they got snowy.  I think I tried on 10 pairs of shoes before I settled on these.  It was the wrong decision for sure.  Next year, I need to remember that there is a LOT of standing around, so I need to wear more comfortable shoes.  By the end of the night, I almost couldn't walk, especially on the ice and snow!  As of Monday morning, my toes are still a little numb.  That can't be healthy. 

Anyway... this dress is from Ann Taylor, and it was originally $138.  The other day, I stumbled across a blogger who had bought it full price, and was explaining that sometimes it is worth it to splurge on such a great basic item.  It's on sale online now for $99.  I got it for 7.  That's right, SEVEN dollars.  That is 95% off the original price.  It makes me feel a little ridiculous that my belt cost twice as much as my dress, but I think I'll manage. 

Dress: Ann Taylor
Belt:  Francesca's
Shoes:  BCBGirl
Clutch:  Loft


  1. $7 Ann Taylor dress!?! Wow, I need to go into that store more often if there are treasures like that to be found! :) Way to go!

  2. I know! I totally scored that day, with another dress for $14, and a silk skirt for $7. I don't usually find that good of deals there, but it's always worth checking!