Monday, December 26, 2011

'Twas the Night before Christmas...

And we were taking pictures!  This is the Ann Taylor dress I wore to the Christmas party a few weeks ago.  I'm having fun styling it in different ways.

This is my sister/best friend.  She and I have very different styles, but always have fun shopping and sometimes even share things.  Isn't her sweater cool!?  I wish she lived in the same town as me so I could steal it sometime!   

I asked my nieces what they think about our outfits and got the following comments:

M:  First, say this is me and my big sister.  She's only wearing that sweater because she can't see it.  If she could see it, it would make her dizzy.
S:  I don't know
D:  They are both kind of white at the top, like the pearl necklace and the other necklace.

E:  That's BEAUTIFUL!!!

On me:
Dress:  Ann Taylor
Sweater:  Gap
Belt: from another dress
Necklace:  InPink
Boots:  Bare Traps

On Jill:
Necklace:  from China, borrowed from me.
Everything else:  Gap

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  1. I love the dress and love how you two compliment each others dresses in the picture! very good post and sure you had a good time