Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - 10 years ago

December 2001 - My brother got married!  I cannot believe he and his wife are about to celebrate 10 years.  This outfit was really thrown together at the last minute, because I had been looking for the perfect thing to wear, and never really found it.  This was also before I had a digital camera, so I took very few pictures, and in this one, I'm hugging my brother, but you get the basic idea of what I was wearing.

What you can't see in the picture is my sparkly hair.  I had a friend who volunteered to give me a cute updo, and she added quite a bit of glitter as her finishing touch.  Ok for prom, not really ok for your brother's wedding.

One other problem with this outfit:  During formal pictures, I was on the end, and the background was really dark, so it looks like my face is just floating out in the middle of space.  Didn't think that one through!

I don't remember what brand any of this was, but here's a rundown on what I was wearing

Black cashmere turtleneck: from Sam's Club
Skirt:  from Dillard's Junior's section (don't think I ever wore it again)
Boots:  from TJ Maxx.

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