Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Blue Christmas

I am back home after a week-long Christmas extravaganza with my family in Indiana.   We have a pretty good system, where we trade off Thanksgiving and Christmas each year, so we are all there at the same time.  We had 9 adults, 6 kids, 3 dogs, and 9 vehicles to move around anytime someone needed to go somewhere.  It was a really fun week, and I'm already trying to scheme up a plan to visit them again soon.

Since Christmas was a Sunday this year, we had to change our normal schedule for church in the morning.  We woke up and opened stockings, then had breakfast, got dressed up and went to church, and then came home, opened the rest of the presents, and had a later lunch.  It was a really fun day!   Here's what I wore for church: 

Skirt:  Express
Cardigan: Gap
Button-down shirt:  Loft
Boots:  Bare Traps

Later that day, we played some games that people got for gifts.  One of my nieces got "HedBanz", which is basically like twenty questions, but you get a cool Mickey Mouse hat:

You are only allowed to ask Yes/No questions, but there were several disputes among the participants about what the correct answers were.  Here are some of the arguments that came up:

-Is Piglet male or female?
-Can pigs be described as "furry"?
-Are insects animals?
-Where does Jiminy Cricket live?  And is he friends with Pinocchio?

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and were able to spend time relaxing and hanging out with friends and family.  Going back to work tomorrow is going to be pretty rough after 7 days of playing around.  I'm skipping my Wednesday/Thursday theme posts this week, to get back on track with outfit posts.

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