Thursday, December 15, 2011

Throwback Thursday - 15 year old me

I think this picture pretty well sums up my sense of style my freshman year of high school.  This was on a ski trip with the youth group.  I didn't even think about skiing, because I'm about the least coordinated person in the world.  My brother's girlfriend (now wife) was on the trip, and she and a few of her friends decided to dye their hair one day.  I'm still not sure how the sponsors let this happen!  Anyway, I got in on it.  You can't tell in this picture, but we put pretty bright red streaks in my hair.  Then we straightened it, and it actually looked good for a few days, in the low humidity of Colorado!  My mom wasn't thrilled when I came home with red streaks in my hair. 

The rest of this outfit is composed of a few of my favorite things from that point in my life:

Shirt:  Calvin Klein Jeans - my sister had the exact same shirt and we both wore it all the time (sometimes on the same day!).  I think this shirt is still hanging in my closet at my parent's house, because I just can't quite let it go.

Jeans:  I think these are from Aeropostale, which was fairly new in town.  Or maybe these were Express...  Either way, jeans were the best thing ever for a girl who had to wear a very unfortunate pleated skirt everyday.  I'll have to post a uniform picture one of these days. 

Shoes:  I found these Skechers at a Nordstrom Rack when I was visiting my sister in Chicago.  I don't know when I got rid of these, but I'm thinking I need some new red tennis shoes. 

Watch:  Anne Klein - I think this was a gift from my mom for something, and I loved it! 

Earrings:  most of my earrings at this point were from The Limited for 2 reasons:   1) they sold earrings for sensitive skin, which I needed.    2)  they sent me $15 off coupons all the time. 

I wonder why Limited doesn't send me coupons anymore...  I should really look into that!

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