Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

 Merry Christmas!!!!
 Merry Christmas!!!!
 Merry Christmas!!!!
 Merry Christmas!!!!
 Merry Christmas!!!!
I'm just a little bit excited about Christmas tomorrow!  We are having fun with my family, and I have been slacking on my every day posts.  For all 7 of the people who read this, please forgive me!  

I'm getting a lot of fashion advice from my nieces, like the following:

Those jeans make you look a little bit fat.
That sweater isn't very cute.  Maybe if it was red instead of orange. 
You look like a teenager in that outfit!!
These pictures are from Thursday night, when we went to the Yuletide Celebration.  I used it as another excuse to rock my gold skirt.  I kept it simple with a black sweater, tights and boots.  

We took a "coming down the stairs for prom" picture, just for fun.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas tomorrow! 

Sweater:  Gap
Skirt:  Gap
Boots:  Bare traps via DSW
Pearls:  gift - from China
Bracelets:  gift - from a friend's wedding

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