Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Always a Bridesmaid...

Actually, I've only been a bridesmaid a few times, and I have been a bride, so I guess that saying doesn't really work for me.  This summer, I was a bridesmaid for one of my friends, who was marrying one of my husband's friends, so we were both in the wedding party.  The wedding was in July, and outside, so needless to say, it was a little warm!  The ceremony was beautiful and pretty quick, so we got back into the air conditioned reception hall before we completely melted. 

For me, the trickiest part of being a bridesmaid is getting my hair done.  Most stylists just have no idea what to do with this mess of curls.  I always break the rules and show up with my hair freshly washed, because otherwise, it is unmanageable.  On this particular day, I told the stylist that I wanted it  up and as contained as possible, since I knew we would be out in the heat and humidity.  I told her to just leave it curly, and use the natural curl as much as possible.  She proceeded to blow dry my hair into a giant fro.  (One of the other bridesmaids took a picture at this point, which I still haven't seen.)  Then she straightened and teased my hair into a little side cascading deal, and curled it with the curling iron.  Completely the opposite of what I asked for!  And so much work for her!  All that to say, I actually liked what she did, and it held up ok in the 100+ degree humidity. 

Dress:  David's Bridal
Shoes:  Payless ($8!)


  1. I have the exact same issue with getting my hair done too! I've had mine done once (also for a July wedding) and wasn't a huge fan, but everyone else said I looked good, so what do I know? Wedding hair is honestly one of my wedding fears for when I get married someday. LOL

  2. You look so pretty. I think your hair turned out beautiful!