Saturday, May 17, 2014

Book Review - The Last Letter from Your Lover

via Goodreads

Apparently it's a good time to be reading books about amnesia!  I read The Last Letter from Your Lover on vacation.  It's another one that has a modern day piece tied into a past story.

In 1960, Jennifer loses her memory.  As she learns about her life, she discovers evidence that she was actually having an affair, in the form of love letters from a man she doesn't remember at all.  Then she tries to figure out who this man is, and how to navigate life with her husband as she deals with this knowledge (and wondering how much her husband knew about it).

In 2003, Ellie finds the letter and becomes obsessed with tracking down the lovers to find out what happened to them.  Spoiler alert - she finds them.  I won't tell you what had happened to them over the years.  (other than getting old). 

I really liked this book, but I just wish everyone didn't have to be so adulterous.  It's like I want Jennifer to find her letter writing mystery man, because he seems so nice, but MAYBE SHE SHOULDN'T BE CHEATING ON HER HUSBAND!  But whatever, I know it's a way to add suspense, because if she wasn't married, she could just ask her friends who she was dating, and they would tell her and everything would be fine.  And wouldn't that be a happier story??  But probably not as interesting, which is why I don't write novels.

Sometimes I think my book reviews are kind of "this book was great!  Here's what I didn't like!" so I apologize for that.  I really did like this book, but it's easier to point out the little things that bothered me.

Have you read this?  I've been working through other books by Jojo Moyes, and tend to enjoy her stuff.  


  1. Such an interesting plot! I know what you mean, I find myself rooting for characters like that all the time, and then I'm like, WAIT! THIS IS TERRIBLE!

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